The NDAA 2014 and a Jailed Teen to Think About

Joke Wasn't Funny Enough?

Joke Wasn’t Funny Enough?

We wrote yesterday about the NDAA 2014, the annual update on government defense spending. We wrote about the Act’s standing provision authorizing the President to order the military to secretly or publicly seize and indefinitely imprison Americans and others without charge, with notice to no one and subject to no reviewing authority. Folks can in other words, just disappear. We mentioned the lack of interest in this by the major media and a couple of mildly limiting amendments added this week in Congress. But there’s another addition we didn’t bring up.

The new (House) version’s Section 1061 creates a huge new digital database of the results of surveillance and research by both Defense and the Intelligence services, such as the NSA. Its information will contribute to selecting folks to be secretly or publicly arrested, no doubt. This will be in addition to and likely in competition with the NSA database recently gaining attention as the planet’s leading snoopmeister. It’s authorized to snoop on any person, organization or country presently or once opposed to the United States, if I read it correctly.  As identified of course, by the President. Sounds safe, only enemies, right? Well, how do you define “enemy” and who’s doing the defining? England was ‘once’ opposed to us, wasn’t it? Not so safe when we’ve already seen the IRS sicced onto political opponents. I guess the GOP looks like an enemy, too…

So maybe you would like to consider this as it goes through Congress while various Congresspeople posture indignantly about the NSA ‘scandal.’ NDAA you remember from last night’s post, is a strongly bipartisan bill. You might think about that, too.

But that ain’t all, folks; there’s one thing more. It may seem off the subject until you think about it for a minute. Jailed Teen tells of a young man who replied while gaming on the internet when another gamer needled him as nuts, that he was indeed nuts and would go shoot up a school. He followed that with: “lol” and “jk.’For the elders among us, those mean respectively, “laughing out loud” and “joke.” However, he was reported as a potential threat and has been in jail for months; prosecutors say they take such things seriously. More seriously, evidently, than either freedom of speech or common sense.

The teen is jailed in a real jail by real prosecutors who claim it’s just government doing its job to protect us. Congress says the same of the NDAA, I have no doubt. Perhaps you will wish to do your own thinking rather than have government do it for you in situations like this one.

Those wishing to escape reality by assuming I’m making this up, have but to visit the links and Google NDAA 2014. For the rest: “Who has eyes to see, let him see; who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  I may have those reversed, but the meaning won’t be changed.

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2 Responses to The NDAA 2014 and a Jailed Teen to Think About

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    When Wayne La Pierre says “President Obama will stop at nothing to destroy the 2nd Amendment,” the NRA honcho is obviously lying. Obama obviously believes in the Second Amendment and wants to arm himself ~ not with a panty-waist AR-15 ~ but with a drone…

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah… Interesting that something that, if done personally by the Prez with a pistol would get him into trouble, is perfectly acceptable when done via drone…

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