Boys Will Be Boys…Or Will They?

SissyBoys and girls at schools are readily identifiable visually and use different restrooms, at least in the U.S. Right? Once perhaps, but today…not so much. The linked report explains…well, not explains exactly, but tells…of the courts’s decision to force an American elementary school to allow a 6 year student to use the girls’ restroom because, though he was born with a Y chromosome and a male physique, he claims to feel like a girl. And his parents have honored his feelings to the extent of dresses, feminine hair style and suing the school when it offered the teacher’s restroom as a compromise. This is a ‘victory for fairness’ per the report.

This degree of destructive stupidity emanates from Leftish inanity (The Right has its own) and seems unbelievable outside of current U.S. political psychedelic smoking but is an unfortunate reality now imposed upon a child and a school, first by parents and now by a court that should have known better. This is real harm forced onto a child in the name of socio-political pop psychology and political correctness, another term for totalitarianism.

A few questions occur but apparently go unasked by any of the authorities:

1. Should a child’s ‘feelings’ overcome physical evidence in a court of law? If so, why?  A feelings-based ruling in contravention of biological evidence seems a prime slippery slope model; what if the next plaintiff feels she is a pony? This court seems to me, to have swallowed a student backpack’s worth of fashionable psychobabble. And perpetrated it onto a young boy. .

2. Is the science supporting the ‘transgender’ idea developed and proven enough to make decisions affecting 6-year-olds without harming them? Doubtful, seems to me. After this publicity, what sort of experiences is this kid likely to have at school from now on?

3. Assuming that all this stems from the boy’s own behavior and desires, how certain is it that those won’t change in the future? And if they do, what will result?

4. Finally, what will be the result of this on public education? Will schools have to allow students to use the restrooms of their choice now? It seems that way. If not, what will distinguish those who can from those who can’t? Will schools now experience a spate of student cross-dressers?

5. I’ll stop with two simple questions hanging over this: First, at what, if any, age will a school be able to exclude boys from the girls’ bathrooms? If they’re all going to become coeducational, (advocated by some already) maybe they’d best plan to supply them with condoms. (advocated by many). Or perhaps invite the NSA to install surveillance… And second, what will be done with the (few) girls now wishing to play boy’s athletics? And the boys (your guess) wishing to play games with the girls?

If the courts proceed with this foolishness, we’re going to see a lot of confused kids, and a lot of confused schools; the courts seem confused enough already.

To be fair, kids are indeed affected by feelings; the boys who showed too much effeminacy used to be called: “sissy” and uniformly despises by the rest. Boyish girls did better. Many of those eventually turned out to be homosexual…but not all of them. Forcing a child’s surroundings  into a mold at age six to recognize something as evanescent as juvenile ‘feelings’ seems, at our state of knowledge, an unjustified risk, especially without control of the surrounding peers. Yes, pushing a young boy to remain with his physical rather than his alleged psychological self is also using force but that case rests on a lot more experience and is much less socially disruptive.

I wonder what the court was thinking…or maybe it was just implementing its ‘feelings’?

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9 Responses to Boys Will Be Boys…Or Will They?

  1. I would like you to honestly consider your position…in light of the facts. This is the child of a former Marine, living in an Army military community. Given the past military affiliation, as well as the current military community, it would be logical that the father continues to work in/for/with the DoD. And this gentleman has a son who acts like a daughter.

    If you look at the comments on the Constitution Club Blog, you will see this gem…

    “Look into the background of the parents and you’ll find leftist ideology abounding.”

    Now, perhaps Talon’s Point has more experience with Marines than I do (which I doubt) or else he has never met a Marine, since these are not the Foot Soldiers of the Left’s Godless Army.

    So you likely have a very conservative man (little “C” conservative here) who is in a difficult situation. He has likely gone through a LOT of emotional and mental heartache trying to understand what is going on. He has sought the support of experts. He has some psychologists and psychiatrists and experts telling him something he likely does not want to hear. He is probably NOT unfamiliar with good order and discipline, or with how to be masculine. But he has also fought for this for his child.

    I am not saying that you have to accept it, that you have to agree with it, but some compassion for the individuals involved is certainly required. Is this young boy transgendered? I have no idea, but his parents (ex-Marine) probably do. I am happy I am not in the situation, it would be difficult, but I cannot think this Marine would simply go full bore on raising his son transgendered if there were not some really good reasons. How about considering those reasons?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, you have made a reasonable case and it seems fair to me. Just likely facts neither Left nor Right in nature.I see the parents as either of two choices here: The situation you propose, or alternatively, parents exploiting their child for some reason of their own. Or allowing that exploitation by others. No way for me to know. I worry mostly for the kid.

      I write though, for the general audience and so, from the general case. As Frederic Bastiat liked to point out, for every person affected by something who we see on stage under lights, there are usually others also affected, but ignored. In the instant case, we see the spectacular role of the effeminate young boy with a girls’ public role imposed at age six. That seems reasonably likely to be unwise parenting on its face and nothing I can find reported, either about this case or about the general subject, appears to alter the presence of that question. Second, there are other interests here. The school and the other students and their parents are all parties at interest, with rights of their own. So I addressed some of that in the post. That doesn’t indicate that I can’t appreciate the difficulty of the parents’ position but they are adults with choices. I feel most strongly about the kid, who cannot choose and if he could, would make a kid’s choice.

      • It seems highly unlikely an ex-Marine would be “exploiting their child for some reason of their own” in this case. It would be significantly out of character. Possible, entirely likely. Probable, unlikely.

        And these are adults, with choices, under the guidance of other adults with specializations that far outstrips the medical expertise of either of us. So, while I understand that anyone with a WebMD account thinks they are qualified to be a doctor, the opposite is true. Since multiple doctors recommended this action, and given what can only be assumed to be the natural reluctance of the parents (ex-military, in a military environment) there is little reason to assume that this was NOT conducted with due diligence.

        So again, why are you making assumptions that the experts are not?

      • Jack Curtis says:

        We all like to kid ourselves, I’m no exception. But I believe I’m questioning more than making assumptions here. Ex Marines aren’t all similar, are they? Nor are doctors all knowing or all saintly, right? You must have observed that when it comes to Authority, this columnist often has doubts… Perhaps we’re like the two blind men who bumped into the elephant: One, between the beasts’s legs, claimed they’d blundered into a forest; the other, captured by its trunk, said they were attacked by a giant snake…

      • Ex-Marines are certainly not identical, but it would be odd for an ex-Marine to leave the Corps, seek employment in a military area, and not maintain some military affiliation. If this is the case, it is highly unlikely he is some liberal crusader hell-bent on forcing transgendered acceptance in public schools.

        Additionally, given the highly likely scenario above, do you think the ex-Marine would immediately accept the claims of a doctor who was a liberal crusader who was hell-bent on forcing transgendered acceptance?

        That is equally unlikely.

        There is no reasonable way that one could assume that this is anything other than a very difficult decision, by someone that likely has FAR more in common with your political, cultural, and political POV than mine.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        I can’t claim to know your POV’s and I’m not sure that you know mine… and I know far too little of the boy’s parents to make assumptions about them., so I’m limited to what is provided. The only thing that comes across with solidity for me: I feel sorry for the boy…

      • There is quite a bit of information available. What other sources have you looked into?

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Can’t recall with certainty; either 3 or 4 sources. Found no contradictions.

      • What were the sources?

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