The Ongoing Sacrifice Of The Birds

Dead BirdRuffled Feathers is the latest report-that-is-not-news ignored by the environmentally supportive (well, when it suits) mediafolk. It is approved greenness to love both birds and windmills. a rather delicate balance to maintain when the former is slaughtered by the latter as is too often the case. The birds’ radar doesn’t warn them of the dangers of flying through the spinning windmills and especially during migrations, they die there en masse’.

We have reported how one electric power company was nailed for $10.5 million in fines for allowing its carbon-burning plant to kill 232 eagles while its wind farm killed more than that with impunity. Law enforcement calls that, I believe, ‘selective enforcement.’ Some others call it corruption… I am unsure what the eagles call it.

The New York Post currently reports that U.S. wind farms batter some 573,000 birds out of the air annually, if I got it right. Without even trying. Some were eagles, too. And one supposes, some were not but were maybe ducks or doves or even I don’t know, say chaffinches. Or grackles. A lot of dead birds, anyway. And not only an affront to birds and bird lovers but a terrible waste, too. Bird is low fat, high protein, white meat, right? And if all those dead birds average out at say, one eighth of a pound of meat, that’s an annual total waste of 71,625 pounds of perfectly good, health-approved protein if my math is right. Just so a rather small number of folk can have overpriced electricity that has to be subsidized by other users by government mandate. And subsidized by all those birds, of course.

The poor birds are denied any recognition for their sacrifice; they’re just swept up and dumped into a mass grave or maybe ground into fertilizer for all I know. Seems that if those greenfolk honestly cared, the least they could do would be to arrange thousands of tiny graves with tiny gravestones engraved: “Died for Gaia” or some such. Hypocrites, I say..Where’s P.E.T.A?.

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