Gleanings From The Passing Scene; (Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry Obama5 Dead; 18 Wounded   A lovely Spring Weekend in Chicago

Woman Set Afire    In a Fort Worth Convenience store, a woman threw flammable liquid on another woman and ignited it. Victim burned 90% of her body may die; two who helped her also burned…  (Were these stories ordinary news back in the ‘Christian era’?

Elevator Operators  were paid $1.2 M (over 5 years) to operate the Senators-only elevators in our nations’ Capitol. The elevators are fully automated and computer-controlled, with do-it-yourself push buttons just like the ones you use shopping. Senators then, are evidently either too important or too stupid to push buttons?

Military Sex Abuse   seems to be a growing problem for our armed services. And becoming costly and destructive as well. Amazing what happens when you throw young, glandular boys and girls together, isn’t it? But it’s a great victory for feminists; they are liberated…to die on battlefields. While pregnant..?

Judge 1   This lil’ judgie was picked up for stealing Coke gathered from evidence used in trials in his courtroom. He evidently had a nose for evidence…

Judges 2 and 3   are a two-fer: Judgie 2 came back from a hunting trip (with Judgie 3) dead, from a Coke overdose, while his hunting buddy was hauled in for possession of heroin. Maybe law school ain’t quite what it used to be? They say a mark of successful countries is an honest justice system, don’t they? Hmnn?

Beef Prices   Aren’t you glad, entering summer barbecue season, that we have no inflation? Imagine what this would be like if inflation were actually occurring! But we can rest assured, since both our compassionate government and our objective mediafolk tell us there is no inflation, that beef has always cost this much. Right, and then there’s gasoline…

Penny Pritzker   is the President’s highly qualified nominee for Secretary of Commerce. She is clearly qualified, she just omitted some $80 M of income from her report to Congress supporting her nomination. That puts her in line with recent Treasury Secretary Timmie Geithner who didn’t like to pay taxes, as well as several others. It’s fun to notice that Apple is catching Hell from Congress and the Left for successfully and legally paying lower taxes than the Left wants without failing to report a chunk of its income as Pritzker has done.

Millennials,     per current reports, will never work their way out of debt during their lifetimes. And that doesn’t even need future overspending to come true; it’s already there! A gift from their parents…and of course, their politicians.

Sweden  is the perfect socialist society, absolute proof of how well it all works, right? So what’s with the five nights (so far) of rioting, burning, and general bad behavior?

Google  plans to build wireless internet for southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. It will sell really cheap Android phones, too. Seems like a long shot, but if it can pull that off, it’ll be a revolution in the world economy. And that’s likely an understatement!

Out of Warranty?  Apparently there was no recall for defective product on the $212,000 love spell the manager of a Spanish soccer team bought from a fortune teller; when the spell failed to deliver the promised goods, the unhappy buyer was promptly arrested for breaking into the seller’s home in search of a refund. Obviously something wrong with government regulators in Spain…or something.

These casual selections from the passing scene are now yours to draw what conclusions may occur to you. I ask: In what sort of world are we living when such events as these occur? It is for you to decide..  I’m going to bed.          .

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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