Government Is For The Birds…Sort Of…

How Dead Is This?

How Dead Is This?

In the U.S. it’s illegal to kill Raptors. British Petroleum paid $100 million for migratory birds that died in its 2010 offshore oil spill. Environmentalists approved that fine. Curiously, they also approve the deaths by windmills of some 83,000 raptors every year. So does the government; no fines ever for these events. I guess those birds are somehow, less dead. Pacific Corp. paid $10.5 million for the 232 hawks, owls and eagles killed in its 2009 coal power activitiesg but not one dime for those that succumbed on its wind farms. Evidently, some power production methods are more equal than others…

Most citizens are unaware of the extra power charges they pay to subsidize the uneconomic wind power; if they ever figure it out, they can add these fines to the count. It was a long time back that Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” and I doubt teachers bring him up anymore but politicians seem to know this without having to be told. “Foolish” here being in most cases, applied to us by the politicians.

The raptors don’t vote of course so nobody seems to care about their feelings on perennially life-shortening wind farms versus occasional oil spills. The greens equally evidently don’t care either, throwing their Gaia-worship, it seems to  me, under suspicion. I’m clearly one of the little minds here.

You can see Ranger Joe dumping a bundle of dirty feathers onto his bosses’ desk: “Found this down the valley; what is it?” The Boss looks, says: “Is that oil on its feathers?” “Yup,” answers Joe. “Then it’s an owl. Book it and send it to the main office, it’s likely worth $100 K or so from the drilling company.” But if Joe’s answer was instead: “No, no oil, found it at the edge of those windmills…I think its’ neck is broken.” The boss answers: “It’s somebody’s chicken, clearly…trash it!”

If this were to occur in Montana, it’s harder to say what the answer might be; Montana has just authorized claiming roadkill for human consumption. Which may not apply to protected species, have to look that up. And is running into a windmill classified as roadkill? This is getting complicated! And I’ve never heard from anyone who’s eaten owl; that’s a whole new exploration in itself.

Anyway, our politicians in charge of our government now seem to have different degrees of dead for protected raptors depending upon how they got dead. Thought you ought to know…

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