Pope Francis and the Moslems…


Religious Conversion Tool

Religious Conversion Tool

Pope Francis, as this link will explain, has just led the canonization of ‘hundreds’ of Saints–new Saints–of the Roman Catholic Church. So what, if you’re not Catholic? Especially if you’re not religious at all. That ‘what’ adds up to quite a lot, seems to me.

First, if there’s anyone left now representing the Catholic status quo our new Roman Pontiff has not thought to offend, whoever it may be escapes me. He has shaken up all from the pompous prelates through the Vatican bureaucracy to his own security folk. And I suspect he’s just getting started…

But these new Saints are a message. Francis’ predecessor reached out to among others, Islam. In a time of another sort of outreach from fundamentalist Moslems whose ideas of good Christians are limited to dead Christians, preferably in small, scattered pieces. The hundreds of new Catholic Saints share one telling characteristic: they were all beheaded by Moslems for refusing to convert back in the 14th century. The new Pope is willing to forgive and meet on new grounds of charity and worship of the One God of All. But the dead martyrs of Islamic violence and intransigence are not forgotten.

Will a relationship be formed between the Catholics and Islam? No, since there is no such thing as Islam; it is a hodge-podge of mutually antagonistic branches just as is Christianity. But the Moslems too often murder each other for disagreement; Christians have for the moment, learned to forego such methods. The pile of new Saints is but a down payment on the real numbers, who cannot be forgotten either.

The American government is making nice to the Moslems these days, apparently in the hope that it will lose its chronic persona of “Great Satan” in the Islamic world. That isn’t happening, the U.S. is just too convenient a cover for the inadequacies of rulers in Moslem lands. President Obama seems in this, on a fruitless quest powered by wishful thinking rather than reality. That seems likely to be borne upon him by the imminent successors of the Boston bombing, if as expected, it represents a new era in the U.S.

The Pope shares no such delusions; he has his lists of martyrs stretching back into history to remind him. And unlike the American President, he offers outreach that must be met with outreach from the other end. Maybe the Pope should send the President a list of his new Saints, with a short explanation of how  and why each died……

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