Your World Is About To Change…And You’re Not Ready!

Plastic GunSometimes we see change coming, as we saw factory robots and computers and understood, if vaguely, that they would change our lives. Sometimes we don’t see it coming; it knocks us over from behind. That’s 3D printing. Nobody’s ready but here it comes!

What the hell is 3D printing? Well you asked; it’s your world that it’s about to upend. 3D printing is a machine, a relatively small, relatively affordable machine that will make for you anything not too large that you want, out of plastic. Not just any plastic, either, but one that is tough and strong and can hold an edge (to a point) and is like the machine, affordable.

That means, whatever the machine can make for you, will be cheaper and quicker than buying it from a store that bought it from a factory. That if you want to possess something the government has proscribed, you don’t look for a black market source, you just make yourself one, or more. And within its size and material limitations, the machine can make nearly anything.

Let’s say you want a gun but the government won’t let you have one. You just get the recipe from the internet, load your 3D printer and make yourself the gun. 3D Printed Gun will update you on that.

If you can make a handgun, what can’t you make? Well, a lot of things but the number you can make will put huge numbers of folk out of work, closing factories world wide. This is so new, nobody has really thought about it much. But the impact will be enormous.

Since you can make a gun, naturally some politicians are already talking about banning it. But since it will also bring not millions but billions out of deprivation into the modern technological lifestyle and they won’t see it banned with any happiness, the banning likely won’t work. It would be like banning supermarkets.

You will be able to buy your very own 3D printer starting in June, from Staples, for around $1,300.  3D Printer will inform you. Yeah, that’s not really cheap, but neither we’re PC’s when they first hit retail, right? When the economic miracle that is mass production into a mass market gets going, they’ll be a lot cheaper. And almost everybody will have his own, personal factory at home. That’s a real gut-wrench for any economy; it will hit like the proverbial ton of bricks.

But we will also see smart people, creative people, putting out new and exciting things at an increasing rate, lifting more and more of the world’s people into better living. The disruption will be the price of that, but disruptions pass.

This could help a lot with the coming economic collapse we have allowed our politicians to make for us. It’s going to be an enormous step forward for our world living standard, make each of us more independent and maybe, reduce the impact of government in our lives.

Or maybe I’m a blithering optimist blindsided by some technology salesfolk. Perhaps the gun is a well-presented fake. Even so, my dentist has been making crowns and such that way in his office for a few years, this isn’t some untested novelty. We are indeed, living in interesting times…


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to Your World Is About To Change…And You’re Not Ready!

  1. the unit says:

    Did the technology get rid of your dentist? Or his/her grinding down of your tooth? Then it ain’t a miracle. 🙂

    • Jack Curtis says:

      My dentist remains, but the tools with which he invades my mouth have been much refined from the ore-drills and jackhammers of yore. I look forward to the surplusing of entire departments of government, when we simply tell a machine to make something that used to require entire industries to produce, replete with government regulators, inspectors, etc.

      • the unit says:

        Yep. There’s no business like drone business. Mae West would never have to worry about “a hard man is good to find.”

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