How the Government and the Left Have Swindled Blacks (And the Price They Pay)

Black ViolenceBlack violence and particularly, black violence against whites is an increasing epidemic with many more victims than Chinese bird flu but with nearly no publicity. World Net Daily has just reported on a large multi-college Beach Weekend at Virginia Beach, an apparently all-black bash at which thousands of college students proved their behavior differs little from their storied inner-city counterparts. You haven’t heard of it though, right?

This sort of thing has been growing around cities with substantial black populations, involving mostly teens and young adults. ‘Wilding’ or gangs attacking unsuspecting victims on the street, has moved into New York City and many other places but is almost never reported; when it is, race goes unmentioned. Any white attack on a black of course, is an instant crisis of racism as George Zimmerman knows.

Left-leaning media folk, politicians and academics claim to deplore violence but seem to employ their standard ‘affirmative action’ screen when its blacks that are violent. It’s ok, or ‘understandable’ or at least, ignored for blacks, when its verboten for others. Whether a result of this free pass or of government sponsored social policy or changing social mores, this appears to be a growing problem. And when the perpetrators are college frat and sorority boys and girls as was Virginia Beach, it’s hard to claim poverty or education are the source of the behavior.

It’s obvious that the government social programs are a spectacular failure for blacks. Far too many remain unemployed and overpopulate jails and low income housing. Too many  carry a chip on both shoulders, They fail in school, drop out and go nowhere in larger quantities than others, too. Compare them with the Asians brought here as railroad labor, treated much like the blacks and then excluded by law. The Asians have received no government programs to ‘help’ them. The Japanese were imprisoned during WWII. Before that, they were traditionally gardeners on the west coast. And when they were gardeners, they were well-behaved, productive citizens. They’re mostly not gardeners these days.

The blacks were often poor but they too were well-behaved, productive citizens before the government set out to help them. Now, after some generations of help? Not so much. The educated, middle-class blacks who have entered the larger society as workers and professionals in many fields are proof that the problem is not their race, it’s their attitude, inculcated by government supplied special status and programs. It’s TANSTAAFL writ large; the blacks are paying dearly for their free lunch via, among others, the highest abortion,  unwed motherhood and poverty rates in the country. Such outstanding successes as columnist Thomas Sowell and actor Bill Cosby, (Ph.d.) continue to point to this, usually being denounced as ‘Uncle Toms’ for their trouble. But sneering at them does not refute what they say.

Instead, the Left glorifies the likes of Jesse Jackson Jr, Al Farrakhan and the late Michael Jackson. And naturally, the living deity who is our current President, a product of unknown and uncertain provenance who received a Nobel Peace Prize in advance, an honor he shares with Yasser Arafat. Both, ironically, more recognized for war and death than peace…

Blackness is now another of our government’s entrenched industries, paying far too many far too much to be shut off and with its policies perpetuating that which they claim to cure, very similar to Congressional money management. The price it extracts from American society is high and will rise along with the resulting violence, but the real victims are the black people themselves.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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