The Gang of Eight’s Economic Burglars’ Accommodation Proposal?

The ‘Gang of Eight’ bi-partisan Senators working on immigration ‘reform’ appear to be trying to put lipstick onto an amnesty bill, thus creating plausible deniability. Then they provide sneaky exceptions to provide the actuality they are denying. The conservative goal, border security, comes across as lip service.  Immigration Reform Bill will brief you.

Unfortunately, the discussion provided by the media seems as misleading as the declarations of the politicians, including the conservatives right along with the liberals here. Unlike the propaganda from Washington, full of worry about breaking up families, the impossibility of exporting 11 million non-citizens and the related non-sequiturs, the reality is simple enough.

First, can the financially crippled U.S. absorb all the economic refugees resulting from the perpetual misgovernment of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking bits of the Americas? That answered, finding that we are in a hole, we stop digging, right? Secure the border! But as liberals point out, you can’t really past a point. You need to tell the Republicans their business contributors who like cheap labor will be penalized for using illegals. And actually do that. The Democrats’ labor unions will help that one! And the Dems will have to give up their dreams of amnesty supplying them millions of Latino voters to own in perpetuity.

Finally, you have to supply farm workers legally and that too is no rocket science; just return to the ‘bracero’ programs of yore as was done before.

And those 11 million wetbacks we can’t deport? Hmnn… Presidents like Roosevelt and Eisenhower did it, so it isn’t impossible. But it’s hard on people and hard on their homelands when we dump a lot of people at once. So set up a steady, long-term program to export them on a priority basis. Ship out of course, criminals and any who aren’t supporting themselves. Give the rest a time limit to self-deport, thus reducing disruption. Let them apply for bracero status if they wish, extending their stay. And when all those expire, ship the remainder out. It might take five years… coincidentally, the time illegals get to await the goodies under the various exceptions provided by the Gang of Eight. Yes, that will be hard on some but much less so than the post WWII round-up-and-ship-out was. And I’ll repeat: Can the financially crippled U.S. absorb all those poor refugees from badly run countries? Who’s going to pay for it? (The Gang of Eight, I’m told, puts them quickly in line for welfare.)

Who will do the work after they leave? We have a lot of unemployed, right?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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