Pope’s Minions Fire Apparently Upright Teacher Accused of Lesbian Preferences…

Off with Her Head!The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t been persecuted or had to fight on a substantial scale for a very long time in the Christian west. Perhaps that’s a reason for its appearing a bit rusty at such combat.  Its new Pope Francis, from the ‘developing world’ may signal a change.

One of the Church’s schools has fired a long time P.E. teacher because her lesbian relationship was published in her mother’s obituary. The woman seemed to have had no history of overt behavior at school; evidently the presumed scandal brought about the termination. For a 2,000 year old campaigner like the Catholic Church, this knee-jerk behavior seems dumb.

Large numbers of younger liberal voters, presumably including many Catholics, have voted in the current governors and appear to support the push for gay marriage. The Church is only now belatedly coming out into that nearly finished battle.

P.E. Teacher will explain the details. It seems unwise for the church to martyr a circumspect and appropriately behaved teacher of many years’ standing merely because a news story said she was a lesbian. Christs’ church after all, is supposed to be about charity right? Loving sinners? Especially when the indicated ‘sin’ is alleged and unproven…

So this time, the Church has lost an apparently competent teacher, probably turned off a bunch of young Catholics and accomplished exactly what? Reinforcing a public position demonizing homosexuality on hearsay evidence just as homosexuality is increasingly recognized as probably genetic or epigenetic in origin. Not too smart, seems to me…

It won’t surprise if some lawyers surface on this one.

Yeah, suppose the school kept the teacher and a fuss was made? Ask the complainer to prove the hearsay, then ask what harm was done at the school. And point out that one is free to deplore homosexuality but one may not discriminate against homosexuals merely on their preferences. That would be smart…and charitable, right?

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2 Responses to Pope’s Minions Fire Apparently Upright Teacher Accused of Lesbian Preferences…

  1. the unit says:

    It’s hard to figure all this out. About 58 years ago I was in like with a Catholic girl at the city park. She had the pretteist legs in her shorts, I couldn’t tell Baptist girls had legs, thought they on stilts or something, always covered. Anyway Momma wouldn’t let me like her, Catholic you know.
    Years later Momma’s best friend let her daughter marry one…his family owned the Budwieser franchise in our parts. My liked girl was part of the Bud family, a generation prior. Heck, I might have popped a top! 🙂

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Lucky Catholics! Much before 1945, they had problems getting the better jobs in industry or being elected to Congress or the Presidency; now they’re attacked by the U.S. government (the guarantor of non-discrimination!). But they seem to vote for their persecutors anyway…

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