“Care” Takes On A Whole New Meaning As Brain Science Develops

Brain ImagingSome new science is sneaking up behind you… nobody is paying much attention now, but it seems likely that will change, with profound effects. You may recall that North Dakota recently passed a bill limiting abortion; it briefly made news. Seems that there is a tendency to abort girls as unwanted and Down Syndrome kids for obvious reasons; the new legislation addresses those and other cases. The ACLU has come out defending parents’ ‘right’ to abort for sex selection and eugenics, opposing the North Dakota law. But we’re about to move farther and faster on this road and there are some slippery curves ahead.

Brain takes you to a report of new work that found that we can now expect to identify who is likely to become a drug abuser and who is likely to become obese. It’s done by a brain scan that recognizes unique brain activity patterns peculiar to these particular folk. Another bit of related science can select folks with  Autism in a similar fashion.

Think of these for a moment: Obviously, expectant parents told their nascent child has one of these conditions become candidates for abortion, the rate for which is already high. Add to that, the U.S. birth rate is dropping below sustaining the population, if you exclude the illegal aliens. But that, as the carny grifter said, ain’t all.

Look ahead a bit; assume some of these cases aren’t aborted and pretty soon, turn up in public school. With concrete diagnosis replacing guesswork, what’s going to happen to these kids? What future will they be allowed to have at public expense? (Noting that the nuts have been turned out on the streets to kill people since their asylums became too expensive.) Such people will go from: funny’ or ‘odd’ or ‘different’ to an inarguable label that  seems likely to function more like the yellow badge forced upon Jews by the Nazis. Of course, the government may ignore the issue and leave these folks alone. Wanna bet?

Suppose that the identification of future obesity works out as planned:; will the government leave these folk alone? It’s already addressing fat kids in school, right? What will this lead to? Dunno; I’ll leave that to your imagination. Maybe nothing, but again…wanna bet? Maybe we could get a clue from New York’s Mayor Bloomberg…

All this is current work on the human brain; our President wants to push a brain-mapping project.full speed ahead. I’m sure he can see benefits for government in acquiring such knowledge. What those benefits may be, deserves more thought than it is receiving, seems to me. And to whom the benefits accrue, as well.

Just for a moment, let’s assume you are being scanned in your mom’s womb at say, six weeks of age and your brain scan shows up autistic characteristics. That will obviously be entered into your Obamacare universal electronic medical data base; it will be available to everyone who can access that for the rest of your life, assuming you aren’t aborted in the first place. Or suppose you show signs of being a fat kid, what then?

The list of things the government will know about you before birth is growing. Say you show signs of something the government wishes to discourage, will Obamacare pay for your mother’s pre-delivery care, delivery and post-delivery pediatric expenses? Dunno.

Maybe you want to think about it, the science is already here, though writ small for now…


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