The Aroma of Roadkill, Grilling Over a Slow Fire…

Hi There!

Hi There!

I admit that government thinking (if that’s the term) can be opaque. Except of course, when it’s being political or dishonest, assuming there’s a difference. This time, a Montana politico has baffled me (not much of a challenge) and a bunch of others, too. It’s all about: Roadkill. Not what you expected, right? But, there it is. His bill in the Montana Legislature was joyously (must have been a slow news day) welcomed by the Montana media (all both of them) as the: “You kill it, you grill it” bill. And as you must have figured out by now, it legitimized cooking and eating the deer or bear you just hit while driving in rural Montana (i.e. all of it).This was apparently, big news. For me, the big news would have been, why is it any of the state’s business in the first place? Shouldn’t it remain between you and the dead?

Apparently, the state feels a need for some control here, because the legislators’ bill applies only to deer, bears and a couple of others. If you want to consume a skunk you’ve obliterated with your left front tire (which probably needs fumigating) you are still facing charges as I understand it. But Bruin is ok. As so many things in politics tend to do, this reminds of Shakespearian wisdom, this time: “Much Ado About Nothing.”

You will note though, that while Montana is encouraging its citizens to grill their kill when a bear is encountered, the reverse may be the case elsewhere. Bear describes another case, wherein the protagonist, meeting an apparently aggressive bear while filling the bird feeder in his backyard, simply shot the creature, which not knowing any better, promptly died. How many folk carry a shotgun while refilling a bird feeder? Dunno myself but evidently law enforcement wondered as well, they charged the fellow for criminal baiting and killing a bear. Not the Montana approach, though the story doesn’t seem to indicate an intention to grill and consume the critter. Hard then, to say. We are left to wonder what the result would have been had the errant nimrod eschewed the shotgun and simply run over the bear with his vehicle. Assuming the bear was willing to wait while he obtained it…

As Dickens famously wrote: “The law is a ass...” so perhaps we should expect these sorts of things. Laws, after all, are the work of politicians!

None of the reports investigated the need and cost for any related repairs to a vehicle, but one might expect a rise in Montana auto–well, more likely, pickup truck–collision insurance, don’t you think?

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