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2013 World Figure Skating Championships (That You Didn’t Hear About)

Did you know that the World Figure Skating Championships just finished, in Canada? Maybe not, since American TV mostly ignored the event. So did the sports sections of newspapers. For much of the media, the sport is now nonexistent. That’s … Continue reading

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Another Financial Shoe Drops…

We continue to point to the visible collapse of the world’s finances with this, our third in the ongoing series. South American monkeyshines–Argentina’s supermarket price freeze and Venezuela’s devaluation–were the first shoes to drop, followed by the German slowdown that … Continue reading

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Intrepid Cops Capture 6 Year Old Emily, Arrest Her For Being a Kid

Were you, as so many of today’s kids, imprisoned through your childhood? From about first grade, I walked to the corner ‘convenience store’ that we used to call the grocery. I walked about a mile to school in my part … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Neatly Nails Gay Marriage…

Rand Paul’s Gay Marriage Answer won’t get much press; it’s too much truth to be allowed out there with all the propaganda. Let’s examine what this brouhaha is really about… If you’re a Democrat politician, it’s about pleasing a group of … Continue reading

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Is The Morally Relative, Welfare World Ready For Pope Francis?

The new Pope is the first Jesuit in the papacy since that Catholic order of papal shock troops was founded in 1540. Those who follow matters Roman Catholic can recognize a message when one is published in front of them. … Continue reading

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WHO Is Throwing Granny Off That Cliff?

Democrat cartoonists like to draw Republicans tossing Granny off a cliff. Right there, that raises suspicions, right? Doctors are telling us that they’re dropping Medicare patients because the Feds have reduced the amounts paid…so what’s really going on? It’s not … Continue reading

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You’re On Candid Camera!

First, the newsfolk protected public personalities from private scandals; everybody knew of President Kennedy’s Great Lover tendencies but such weren’t news until Bill Clinton came along. Then we had the Era of Scandal as the private peccadillos of the powerful … Continue reading

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