Gay Marriage Costs: Why Are They Kept Under The Table?

Who Will Pay For It--And Why Should They?

Who Will Pay For It–And Why Should They?

Why, with all the present fuss about gay marriage, don’t we hear how much more the Social Security benefits for gay ‘wives’ will cost? Not to mention any other spousal benefits. A widow’s benefit is the greater of her own entitlement or half of her husbands’, right? So every gay couple will receive more S.S. pension than they now would receive unless they have identical earnings. And Social Security is already paying out more than it receives in payroll taxes. That new money will have to come from somewhere, right? So we’re increasing benefits when we can’t afford the ones we have already? Shouldn’t someone be pointing to that, yelling their heads off? Sure… Just like they did with ObamaCare.

Just like the Republicans who control the House of Representatives have been complaining about Democrat spending…while quietly appropriating every dollar the Dems have spent. Congress must approve all spending, remember? And Republican as well as Democrat Congressfolk have added tons of pork to every appropriation bill. Why not? We keep reelecting them!

A gay ‘wife’ isn’t just going to receive a better Social Security pension, either. He/she/it will also do better filing income taxes, be eligible for the spouse’s medical coverage and whatever else the various locals have dreamed up.

Economically speaking, it seems a peculiar time to begin subsidizing an entire new group of benefits at public expense when the existing scheme is underwater. Especially, without discussing the cost first!

Government marriage benefits were to help women stay home to raise kids. They don’t do that much anymore; our country has grown so much richer they can’t afford it. So what qualifies gay folk for this little gravy train, other than, they want it? They’re not having kids; for that matter, fewer women are, either. Maybe, instead of sticking the taxpayer with the costs of yet more goodies, the whole marriage subsidy should be canceled? That could cut taxes and help us all!

You’d think a Congressperson would look for the funds before they spend the money, wouldn’t you? Ours don’t even seem to want to know how much they’re spending, let alone where it will come from. No wonder the government’s broke and running on Fed funny money… A little more of this sort of government help, we’ll all be selling apples on the street corner…if we can find some apples.

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