The Republicans Are Dead! Long Live The (New) Republicans!

Who Do These Represrnt?

Who Do These Represrnt?

Republicans arose from former Whigs plus Free Soil Democrats in 1854 when the leaders of the older parties no longer represented their voters. Obviously (they didn’t vote for Romney) Tea Party Republicans feel that way now. When the Democrats moved left after Bill Clinton, the Blue Dog Democrats just disappeared somehow. And today, the Republicans are moving left after the Dems regardless of the Teafolk.

Two choices face the GOP: Move left as it is doing, or replace its leaders as it so far, has failed to accomplish. Present circumstances orphan the Teafolk, leaving them to vanish with the Blue Dog Dems of yore. Except for the joker: GOP Senators Bash Rand Paul describes Big Shot Republicans Lindsay Graham and John McCaine ridiculing Senator Rand Paul’s anti-assassination filibuster of last night. That’s the GOP leaders lining up with the Obama Administration, trashing the Teafolk as they did Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle beforetimes. Who do these ‘Republican leaders’ actually represent? .

The traditional Republicans are now seen by their own party as the enemy. If they can’t recapture their party from its present leaders, as the Dems couldn’t in their case after Cl;inton, they can drop out or provide a third party. A new party may work if there are enough unhappy Republicans and Democrats to man it and attract financing. Without the Teafolk, present Republicans resemble little more than crippled Democrats, who have appropriated every dollar of the overspending about which they complain so loudly.

President Obama has played the weak hand of presiding over a failed economy into an unexpectedly strong political position by successfully shifting blame onto the the GOP. The media, acting as government propagandists, have helped as has the paucity of economic education provided by public schools. The Republicans, having abandoned their traditional principles in favor of those espoused by the competition, have nowhere to stand but that they’re not Democrats…or at least, not admittedly. It isn’t enough. They are neither fish nor fowl; the voters are spitting them out of their mouths.

Senator Paul’s filibuster is the first act of political leadership from a Republican in far too long, celebrated by Charles Krauthammer as an act of political genius. The GOP’s old bulls pooh-poohing the filibuster are thus cementing their own inadequacy. If there is anything to arise from traditional Republicanism, Senator Paul has lit that fuse. If it fizzles and goes out, the country will too; neither party is now facing reality in public.   . We will see…

It’s going to be tough either way, but a resurgent Founder’s America will offer more hope for the future.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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