Senator Rand Paul Tries Talking Death to Death…

Call the FBI If You See This!

Call the FBI If You See This!

While Senator Rand (the younger) Paul continues his anti-assassination drone Jeremiad in his Senate filibuster seems a proper time for a drone update. The Senator’s on about the Obamafolk’s claim that they can legally kill anyone (including U.S. citizens) at any time without due process or review whenever they alone decide their victim is a threat.

They will decide what constitutes a ‘threat.’ For some obscure reason, Senator Paul objects to this, citing an obscure historical document he calls: “the Constitution” that the Obamafolk appear not to have heard about. As most of the recorded assassinations to date have been done via drone, here is the latest on that subject:

FBI Asks Help Finding Drone. Seems the pilot of an Alitalia flight coming into JFK in New York reported a drone near his flight path on his way into the airport. Apparently the government wasn’t droning at that moment and sent the Bureau to search. It was a small drone, described by the pilot (famously nervous types, right?) as maybe five feet across, with four propellers. That describes a military item called a ‘Black Widow.” From that point, silence.

Prez Can Use Drones in U.S.  is the authoritative legal opinion by famed legal scholar Attorney General Eric Holder saying that his boss can kill whoever he wants, whenever he wants and it’s no one else’s business. See, drones are just a smoke screen in this; the real subject is whether the Prez can assassinate people at will.

Finally, Sen. Paul’s Filibuster will describe what is going on in the Senate for you.

Do you believe that an American President has the power of life and death such that he or she (or it) can legally kill who and when he or she (or it) decides? If you believe that, you can see why such a President would wish to disarm the public, seems to me.

Oh, and note: While this is President Obama’s big deal, from what I can find, President George W. Bush started it.

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