Truly Big News On Obesity…

Does "FAT" Go With "HAPPY?"

Does “FAT” Go With “HAPPY?”

While a cancer cure will be  a big deal, it might be a loser to the biggest deal of all; a cure for obesity. Nothing is bigger than obesity! And today, Science Daily reported progress in that direction. No, this isn’t a gag: Gene Causing Obesity in Mice, Identified is quite real, as you can find by following the link.

The researchers discovered a gene in obese mice that, upon its removal, eliminated the obesity. Simple as that! Beats the Hell out of magic diets, glandular foolery and both cheap and expensive reducing plans. The researchers say that the same pattern may (MAY) be applicable to homo sapiens. When one considers the medical and psychological impact of obesity on our population, that has to be truly big news, right? Even though it’s only mice today. But it seems to be receiving small attention.

I suppose that the enormous industry peddling ‘solutions’ to fat people will be unhappy to hear of such a thing. They’ll be ‘contributing’ to their politicians to ‘regulate’ any such for our ‘protection,’ right? And Mrs. Obama might be displeased by losing the rationale for meddling with school kids’ lunches.  But the masses of helplessly fat people (a choice no one would make) present a market so large that even lobbyists’ ‘contributions’ will likely be outweighed.

This isn’t funny; if it seems taken lightly, you’re missing reality. The amount of ill health, suffering and general misery borne by fat people dwarfs cancer or any other obvious choice; if it can be alleviated, it will be an incalculable blessing for our species.

Lets’ hope it doesn’t stop with the mice…..

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3 Responses to Truly Big News On Obesity…

  1. the unit says:

    OK works well with mice. Maybe experiments in FEMA camps will prove legitimate and good for us all. 🙂

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