Lamarck’s Zombie Stalks Science, Threatens Politicians…

Scarier Than He Looks

Scarier Than He Looks

Remember the old school-textbook illustration showing an ape following a crouching caveman following an upright modern man, intended to display evolution? It somehow remained in textbooks long after science obsoleted the idea behind it for an absolute lack of evidence. It still pops up, here and there. Because it is very important to modern Statists to deny any possibility of an intelligent designer of the universe and the really rather laughable idea that all the complexities of life somehow ‘evolved’ from nothing on their own is an assertion of that.

Asserting it however, doesn’t prove it. Neither of course, does asserting an intelligent designer doing the job, prove the beliefs of Biblical creationists. The current truth, avoided wherever possible, is that we don’t know how all we see came about. We just know that it’s there. And naturally, some even refuse to admit that much, though they have no explanation of whatever they are sitting on when they do so.

It’s all rather silly, except that getting rid of God is so important to Lefty politicians today, so that they can take His place on the power ladder. Which is why you may not have heard of: “Epigenetics“.

That is perfectly respectable science now giving the evolution folk–the politicians, not the scientists–fits. It has raised Lamarck from the dead into a zombie-like life; you remember, Lamarck was the guy who said you could inherit traits produced by your environment? And everybody laughed and yelled: “DNA!” and his funny idea was buried with him. Well, now his idea has been exhumed from his grave and taken on its own awful (if you’re an evolutionist) life. Biological science has even provided the name “epigenetics” for it.

Genes aren’t the only means for passing on your traits…some, that you’ve acquired in your life experience, are picked up and passed on via your DNA just as your genes are passed on. A whole new mechanism of human heredity has popped up to amaze some and infuriate others. Outside of peer-reviewed, technical science publications though, it’s not getting much press since it (forgive me) makes a monkey of the Revealed Political Truth needed by the Statists. Oh, well! Read the link (Science Daily). And when the mighty assure you they are teaching you The Truth, remember those old Romans, who took everything cum grano salis. An awful lot of snake oil on the market, these days…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Lamarck’s Zombie Stalks Science, Threatens Politicians…

  1. the unit says:

    You and I don’t date back to Lamarck, but we have given a hint or clue or two how far back our experience goes. Here’s where my thinking is. For months I read and continue to read and posted at a website by an ardent advocate of the second amendment, and very vocal anti-progressive/leftist-socialist/communist. That’s anti, anti for the last part! I thought I was reading my own mind and posting to myself. Now I a WASP, born and raised, although Muslims say we all born into Islam. Came to find out over time website is by woman of color, as she said so some time back. That was me?
    Can your imagine the opportunity Biden’s storybook, man to really be a post-racial influence could have been instead of a divider according to old communist ideology, like saying “they bring a knife, we bring a gun, … get in enemies face,… and get revenge.
    Would we have ever commented back and forth if we knew more about each other…race, color, ethnicity, religion, tatooes, hairstyle, bald πŸ™‚ , redneck or Ivy League. Well, for sure not the last one.
    But I bet we would meet for a Hardee’s breakfast sausage, bisquit, and gravy on a Saturday morn. (Hardee’s has different name out your way I understand. Good. Never as good as Mama’s however.)
    Had doctors appt Thursday with dermatologist, we discussed why hair in old men grows so fast in nose and ears. He said count your blessings…let it grow and you can do a combover. Sometimes doctor knows best. πŸ™‚

    • Jack Curtis says:

      A respected trainer once told me: “We learn what we do, and we do what we learn.” I note that some Lefty lovers of all blacks tend to shy away from having black friends, while some ‘anti black’ folk do have black friends. And my black friends have told me that they give preference to lighter blacks and feel superior to darker ones. We are a funny species! For myself at this age, I don’t care what houses a respectable mind willing to communicate.

      I’ve been to Hardee’s but as you say, not locally. Country style here is more likely a Village Inn or maybe Denny’s. The big thing is to pour red or green chile sauce (suitable for fueling tractors) over whatever is being served and labeling it ‘New Mexican.’ If the patron survives, that’s solid evidence that tney’re native New Mexicans…

      I doubt any politician can pursue unity honestly when his interests are served by dividing the opposition. Hoping for a political uniter seems to match hoping for a faithful. loving marriage from a prominent actress…

      A doctor, these days, may sometimes, if carefully guided, be helpful in spite of his surrounding bureaucracy. Never bet, though…

      • the unit says:

        I’d never make it as a New Mexican. With just local, wife made chili here in N.W. Florida served on old fashioned cripsy and crunchy cornbread makes my hemorroids sound out in the morning. And it ain’t Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B. Oh well, My liberty… molon labe, venir le prendre, however said…try it and learn what it takes to get past discribed hems. Burn baby burn. Big talk yep…walk awquardly though with said inflammation. Butt do my best. No smiley needed here.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Hmnn…One can begin to see, given these new discoveries in epigenetics, why we lose our procreative functions relatively early compared to some of the others. Who would want to be born with the condition of an aged parent for starters?

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