Government Dependents Are A Dream For The Democrats, Right?

Obama Snake OilWe’ve heard regularly that approaching half of U.S. citizens receive some sort of government dole these days, completing our conversion from a self-reliant to a dependent society. And this naturally favors Democratic politicians. So far, anyway.

But dependency is a form of consumption with no end and no resulting positive product but votes and the continuation of the demand. It is a political investment that builds no wealth but rather, consumes wealth built elsewhere. It’s an economic loss.

Folk noting the retiring baby boomers and declining workforce are worrying about the economic burden being piled onto an already debt-burdened and unhealthy economy; you can get a quick picture from: Dependency. It’s clear that there will be more needy people and fewer productive people if these graphs are correct. The writer of the article worries about paying down national debts under those conditions and about reducing government spending. Personally, those seem to this writer rather unlikely concerns.’

Why so? Because anyone over say, kindergarten age knows that obtaining something for nothing is illusory. Adults indulging in financial illusions of that stripe are if not malicious, too uninformed to be allowed out. Most of Europe is burning fictional money and propaganda like coal in a winter furnace to stave off impending financial collapse; their social welfare model has outrun their resources. The same applies to the U.S. Therefore, the exploding dependent demographic will shortly have no one to depend upon anymore as the governments and their phony banks implode.

Somehow, that seems unlikely to benefit the Democrats or, since they’re no better off, the GOP. See, it’s like this: If government has nothing to give, there’ll be no government dependents to speak of, right? And government is now in that position. It’s spending, until enough people notice, borrowed money, meaning money to be repaid in future. It’s also spending money increasingly taken from a populace hurting for lack of enough money. Does anyone believe that by taking peoples’ present and future money and spending it on political scams, the government is improving the economy from which the money was taken and which is burdened by the growing debt thus created? Sure…

So, the burgeoning load of retiring baby boomers are not insurance for Democrats, they are a potential threat to civil order, an impending burden on anybody who cares about them and a problem for whatever unlucky politicians replace our current shysters of either party.

It’s amazing that so many write and speak about these things, advocating all sorts of economic illusions, all supported by the same elementary shtick: “Be sure not to discuss how you’re going to pay for your program”… and the yokels never ask.  But in the end, they’re the ones who pay.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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4 Responses to Government Dependents Are A Dream For The Democrats, Right?

  1. This is all very true. I am just amazed the US population is so naive about it all. They moan about national debt whilst applauding Obama for building up more. I don’t get it.
    When are they going to start regarding him as an idiot, or an enemy, like the rest of the world does?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn…well, the idiot has ramped up an admitted fortune so far somewhere between 7 and 11 millions per the public reports. Guess dumb pays, right? An enemy, absolutely for those quaint souls still clinging to our anachronistic Constitution; we’re presently making bets as to which side of that our Supreme Court will come down upon. Do you suppose that Britain would acquire a “Rejoin the colonies!” movement after an Obama coronation? If you do not, I expect he does…

      The younger half of our population is mostly public school grads ignorant of economics and brought up on government largesse without consideration for where it actually originates. They vote; I think Frederic Bastiat had some words about that sort of thing. Ours will attain sudden education and react hysterically when the next economic shoe drops and the accumulated political promises hit Reality’s Famous Fan…

      Or so it seems to me!


  2. Well stated, sir.

    I’ll be visiting more often….

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