A Prayer For The Mayor And The President…

Let 'Em Eat Cake!

Let ‘Em Eat Cake!

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg is a credentialed Lefty, currently wishing to sweep his city of rampaging guns to follow his successful foray against rampaging soda pop calories. As with all such, his compassion knows no bounds, or at least, none represented by other people’s money. However, his non-monetary compassion seems to flow differently; he is restricting painkillers at New York City hospital emergency rooms. When questioned about the effect on patients in pain, his response deserves to join Marie Antoinette’s “Let Them Eat Cake” if the report (Let ‘Em Suffer) is correct. Liberal compassion can be a slippery concept, apparently. At least, when the exemplar is Mayor Bloomberg.

America Came Up Short!

America Came Up Short!

Another renowned Lefty Leader is our presently well-rested President Obama. Perhaps lest his island retreat keep him too long from his adoring fans, he spoke in public and provided a memorable response to questions bout Afghanistan, presently the major receptacle of American money and military. The money mostly vanishes somewhere between its Afghan recipients and its intended goals while the military refuse to vanish, requiring instead burial, hospitalization and cover stories for the media. For once, the President stood up forthrightly and admitted that the Afghan war, the war he faulted his predecessor President Bush, for not prosecuting effectively, has not accomplished its intended ends. And he went bravely on to acknowledge blame: he said: America Fell Short. America, not its Commander in Chief?

This is a President who will take his oath of office shortly on the Lincoln Bible. I hope, that being an exalted and irreplaceable antiquity, that someone has a bucket of water handy in case the Bible self-combusts when the President-Elect puts his hand on it.

It was not the troops who failed in Afghanistan; they executed their orders well and paid for doing it. It was failed political leadership that under President Bush, pursued more than the situation could produce and under President Obama, micromismanaged the tools. One remembers another Democrat in the White House who famously said: “The buck stops here!” The President, if he is no Lincoln, is clearly no Harry Truman, either. And when blaming the country he is supposed to be leading for poor results of his leadership, he is also, no leader, seems to me. Perhaps his comment is misunderstood and tomorrow, we will hear what he actually tried to say. I’ll wait…one doesn’t wish to indict a politician mistakenly.

Both these men, for different reasons, seem too small for their jobs. The mayor seems a puffed-up bully in dire need of some humility, if that is available in his size. And the President appears o feel so inadequate that he must demean the country that elected him so make himself appear larger in his own eyes. Let’s pray that Mayor Bloomberg finds true compassion and that President Obama finds true responsibility during 2013…

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