Anti-Green Government, Freedom and Ordinary Vegetables



‘Green’ usually joins ‘government’ to report extravagance, foolishness or both combined these days but this time, we’re discussing combining a threat to freedom with vegetables. No, we don’t mean some mayor is sending his cops out to make people eat their greens; that still seems past belief unless maybe, you live in New York City. We mean hard-up folks growing their own vegetables in their own front yard. Veggies Up Front will explain.

The city of College Park is coming down hard on a family for growing their own veggies in their front yard. That’s an interesting stance and rather curious, seems to me. During WWII, it was patriotic to grow your own stuff, the government put up posters and ran ads promoting “Victory Gardens” as they were called. People bragged about it. It was done without the fanfare during the last Great Depression, too. Perhaps the Mayor of College Park was forced to eat his spinach too many times when he was a little boy? (Or girl, as the case may be.)

It can’t be that veggies are a threat to the public. Concern over say, pasturing a bull in the front yard, one can see, but have you ever heard of anyone attacked by a rampaging squash? A home garden ought to please the envirocops, too; they’d like nothing better than returning the whole planet to the apes, from what I read from them.  And let’s be honest here (I now, I know, we’re dealing with government, never mind the honest.). Anyway, a veggie garden is hardly an eyesore, either. It’s God’s own handiwork. Maybe that’s the problem?

I’ve had ‘lawns’ in front of several homes my immediate supervisor and I have owned along the way. Some started out grass; a couple were dichondra. What they started out made no difference, nor did watering, fertilizing, mowing or the lack of any of the above; all lawns ended as Bermuda grass with weeds. Green and tough in summer and yellow the rest of the year. None were eye candy compared to a healthy veggie garden. And you couldn’t eat a damn one of them.

Growing up back when the public schools recognized the Constitution, I somehow got the idea that my home was my property (well, if the taxes were paid) and it was my right to use it in any way that didn’t damage the neighbors. Guess I learned wrong. some of our neighbors’ places resembled used car lots; the city never busted them. They weren’t late model cars, either. And not all of them were ever seen moving, if I recall. That was ok, somehow. But now, with hard times and new Federal urging to eat your veggies and force them down your kids, College Park shuts down a nice little garden on private property.

The good farmers of College Park should collect their Mayor and City Councilfolk, stake them next to the spinach and grow green beans over them. .

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Anti-Green Government, Freedom and Ordinary Vegetables

  1. James Teague says:

    Must be lowering the property values to even hint that you don’t spend your money for food at the locally grown organic trendy foody place with items you cannot pronounce correctly grown from sustainable patches of dirt without manure, using food scrap composter disgesters and windmills to pump the water from pristine springs fed by wild untamed rivers. Ooo, that was so fun I had to stop for a breath.

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