What to Expect from 2013 (Or Not…)

You Can Take This to the Bank!

You Can Take This to the Bank!

Hell, I don’t know what tomfoolery those Washington, D.C. scrofulous minions of corruption we call Congressfolk  when we’re being polite will pull off in 2013 any more than do the big-shot pundits of our equally corrupt media. But I can analyze, prognosticate and pretend to know what I don’t with the best of them. And likely do no worse. See what you think; you’re no dumber than I and just as entitled…

Leading off with Congress, the President being on either his last first term vacation or his first second term one, The House has just recycled its used Speaker, John Boehner. This tells us who is running the GOP as we go–well, maybe ‘forward’ isn’t the term, but at least, onward into the new year. Since Boehner recently defrocked his Tea Party committee chairs for insufficient self-abasement, the worshipful mien of their replacements and their adhesion to GOP doctrine as Spoken by the Speaker seems assured. This means that the House is dead set against Obama’s policies of spend more and tax more and will only go along after complaining, as seen in the Fiscal Cliff act.

Now be honest: Do you expect ObamaCare repeal? No more do I, though there will be ‘fixes’ for some number of its numerous defects, stupidities and even a few of its impossibilities. The most important impossibility, paying for it, will not be fixed, though as usual when such money is involved, the fix will be in. Look to see which medical firms Al Gore buys into, is my advice. Though that’s not to suggest taking your infirmities to any of them.

As the U.S. military will continue to ‘defend’ us with missiles and mayhem everywhere in the world (but the U.S.) it will need strong leadership adept at siphoning money for politicians out of defense contractors. Defense overspending will have to be reduced to permit the planned increases in social overspending, insufficiently covered so far by budgeted overspending. The usual uproar will accompany the slowing of military procurement, suggesting the sky is on its way down, bringing invading Iranians at any minute, to be followed later by rampaging Chinese. The only area that will actually suffer however, will be help for Israel, which is now being unfriended by Dembook. “We Love Palestinians” T shirts will be available from the White House, in colors that tastefully disguise the presence of blood.

At Treasury, Timmie Geithner will be leaving his prominent begging corner and tin cup for a return to wherever it takes him; a great relief no doubt, if only from once more not having to pay his taxes. This is likely necessary since as all know, the Treasury has no money to steal. I don’t know who will be the next swindler at Treasury, likely whichever Wall Street CEO is trembling on his throne at the moment.

The Federal Reserve has a problem, one the media has worked very, very hard to overlook. Since cities are going bankrupt from underfunded pension promises all over the place, states have the same problem and for that matter, so do the Feds, why has nobody noticed how difficult it is to keep pension plans solvent when the Fed keeps interest rates squashed flat for years on end? Hmnnn, huh? But if the Fed lets up on rates, the interest costs of U.S. debt will explode, exposing the emperor’s nakedness for all to see and hate as their life savings vanish overnight. But if the Fed keeps rates down, to let the borrowfest live a bit longer, more cities will go bankrupt and states will hit the wall. What to do? I suppose, do what has been working (Fed Chair Bernanke remains unhung) i.e. dither. Leaving all the taxpayers twisting slowly in the cold wind, but mostly they’re too dumb to notice yet. Kick the can down the road…

Unemployment is easy to predict: no change, just gaming the numbers reported. The EPA will continue to make production more costly and difficult; the Department of Energy will continue to make energy production more costly and difficult and the Department of Agriculture will continue to abet Congress’ making farm production costly and difficult.

Which is to say, things will go an as they have been no matter who has been in charge since about 1865 or so, all leading to today, year 6 of the Second Great Depression, headed toward its equivalent of 1937, also known as the Year of the Second Shoe Falling.

My final and most secure prediction: No matter what, our Congressfolk will ride it out unaffected…wonder if anyone’s staked out the tar and feathers business?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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