French “Youths” Light the Night on New Years

Cars BurnningFrance always seems to me a peculiarly civilized sort of place, when the citoyens aren’t having French Revolutions, anyway. When violence comes to mind, it seems more normal to expect it from the Americans, right? So a little New Years Eve report from Paris is well, disturbing.

The story: Cars Torched, told of the New Year’s fun engaged in by “youths” in big cities all over the country. They go out seeking people’s cars on the streets to burn them. Usually, it’s parked cars though sometimes passengers have been pulled from their vehicles, or allowed to escape ahead of the flames. Fun!

This isn’t new; it’s been going on for a decade or more and it isn’t always confined to holidays, either. Whenever the ‘youths’ wish to show public annoyance with something or just remind of their presence, more cars light the night. What does the French government do about this? Well, nothing, really. Mostly, it agonizes over the poor ‘youths’ forced into such displays to assert their victimhood. One supposes that owners of burned cars have other feelings but naturally, no journalist would go there. President Sarkozy, a more conservative leader (by French standards, anyhow) simply shut down reporting the statistics; it became a non-event. The average 1,200 cars still burned on New Years night but nobody was counting.

The new Socialist President has ordered the numbers published again. Mon Brave! A fearless leader in Paris! Yeah… there’s a few little things one needs to know that the French government won’t tell you, nor the French media, either. See, in the first place, ‘youths’ is a code word (yes, they do that too…even more than U.S. lefties) for, in this case, young, mostly unemployed, Moslem males of largely north African descent. Since France would never have an underclass of dark-complected Moslems, they are instead, ‘youths.’ And it isn’t their fault, poor dears, it’s of course, everybody’s. They live in the concrete slums with which France has ringed its cities and where the cops don’t go.

So civilized France tolerates an officially invisible underclass instead of addressing it because facing it admits the failure of the socialist zeitgeist that illuminates not only France, but Europe. And France is a leader, a lighthouse toward progress. Right? Not sure it’s economical, but replacing the cars  ought to contribute to job creation at least.

With this lighted fuse already burning in the dark, what will flare up when stuff hits the fan on the upcoming larger scale? They just dredged up a flagon of the blood of old Louis XVI, to check his DNA or something. Wonder what else dating from the Terror might come up…

Gives you a feeling for what else is buried under all that civilized, socialist veneer, that’s likely to be bubbling up as the E.U. financial reality begins to settle upon more Europeans. Maybe they won’t need American examples in how to be violent, after all. If you really think about the history, we really learned it from them in the first place…


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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