Nutcases, Guns and Mayor Bloomberg’s Confusion…

Baby with GunOne minute, we were discussing the nutcases killing schoolkids and subway passengers and suddenly, everybody was yelling at me to give up my guns. Yelling loudly, too. It felt like I’d fallen asleep at home and suddenly awakened on another planet. How did the conversation get from nutcases to my guns without my noticing?

Nutcases have been killing folks in horror fiction and real life clear back to Biblical times, using whatever tool comes to hand. And since we haven’t found a way to change that and we turned them all out onto the streets from the old asylums, I suppose we should expect it to continue for a while. That should be a worthy discussion, putting such things into perspective as we’re advised by NY Mayor Bloomberg when he heard about his two recent subway killer nutcases.  I can understand that.

So what’s with the switch to yelling at me about my guns? Yeah, some people shoot other people; always have. But I haven’t; haven’t even considered it. No more than all the others who are suddenly too great a risk to be allowed the guns they’ve owned for decades. How did we get from the one subject to the other? Seems like sleight-of-hand to me. A bad person does something bad so we leap to punish all the good folk in case maybe someday, one of them might turn bad? Can’t see sense in that. Must be I’m missing something!

Let’s back up: Why did the Founders want us to have guns? They said and wrote it clearly: because government needs to fear pushing the citizens around too much. A guard, as they put things, against tyranny. They were quite blunt about it in their letters, too. Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, the whole bunch.

So why did Mayor Bloomberg recommend perspective for serial loonies killing subway passengers and immediately shriek “Gun control!” after one loony in a Connecticut school? Well, because Hizzonor is offended by citizens with guns and doesn’t want to waste a crisis when he can put it to use, seems to  me. So, a bad guy having misused a gun becomes a reason to confiscate all the guns from the good guys. Makes sense, I’m sure, to the Mayor.

It won’t stop the next nutcase; Lanza got his from a neighbor, per reports. And nobody keeps drugs from kids, do they? But the government won’t have to worry about pushing citizens around when it feels like it after the guns have been collected. Can’t argue with that, its’ true enough.

One more thing came to mind…a thing nobody seems to bring up, for some reason. Back in the years before we legitimized abortion in Roe vs. Wade, most everyone agreed with the 5th Commandment or at least, gave it lip service.  Now, post-Roe with some 50 million dead nascent babies accumulated, the value of a human life has changed in our society. Maybe we ought to be discussing that, too. Seems to me we need to agree on something fundamental as that…

Anyway, why are you all suddenly yelling at me instead of answering my questions?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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