Gay Marriage, the Pope…and Biology

Party GirlWhen young western women grabbed THE PILL, ash-canned Judeo Christianity and ran off to live as immature boys at sex parties, they broke the image of the Western Woman. Government ‘help’ provided the necessary convenience abortion, divorce mills and financial gains to support the effort. The same wave now travels on past women to legitimize homosexuality via government sanctions. The religious bedrock of western civilization is sundered by the women’s attack and its infrastructure of family and personal obligations is shattered. And legitimizing homosexuality by awarding marriage further shatters male-female sex roles while offering homosexuals a poisoned chalice.

The stunned, weakened churches, given the magnitude of their loss, have barely reacted.  Recently, the Pope spoke seriously on the subject, bringing some science and some reason into what has heretofore seemed a mostly glandular discussion. Gay Marriage, the Pope…and Biology will give you his thoughts.

We seem to keep forgetting human biology. Judeo-Christian sexual roles were repressive for sound biological reasons. Women were the enforcers because it suited biology. Sex makes babies, those take years of care and resources. The species needs them. Free sex made no sense for women.

Now, the Pill: women have grabbed free sex and run with it. Does that make sense for women and for the species? The Pope sees a threat to both; the ‘liberation of women’ with unintended consequences…something common in hasty social changes, right?

The most advanced societies–the U.S, Europe, Japan, Russia– are heading toward or already below the fertility rates needed to maintain their populations. That doesn’t seem good for a species. The effects of the changes on children need honest research; too much of the not very voluminous work seems politicized. There’s no doubt western society is more violent and less trusting as prior restraints are tossed.

Perhaps it’s time to forget the party (which is going broke, anyway) and give some thought to the Pope’s concerns…

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