And Here, In the Best of All Possible Worlds…

What! Me, Worry?

What! Me, Worry?

Are we really sending thousands of troops back to Iraq? 20,000 Troops Back to Iraq? seems to think so, even though it seems to me, we just brought them home. Who’s paying for all this? Uh, sorry I asked… I know who’s paying, plus my kids and grandchildren. And what are we getting for all this? We seem to have improved the Middle East all the way from a collection of thuggish dictators (is there any other sort?) to a collection of thuggish Islamic fundamentalists who hate us and are aiming to get rid of Christians and Jews. Progress, right? And whether or not progress, undoubtedly huge expense for which the money is borrowed and must be repaid with interest. If this is any example of U.S. foreign policy, maybe we should consider staying home and minding our own business, which isn’t going too well these days, from what I can see.

And we know our wise and careful leaders  are spending money we don’t have at an extraordinary rate; some 40% of spending is borrowed, right?  No longer from China which has backed off and has its own problems, but now from the Federal Reserve, which conjures the money out of the air and loans it to the U.S. Treasury. How does that work, exactly? All those years my parents told me you can’t get something from nothing, they were lying to me? I guess they’d never met any Democrats…

On top of the foreign policy triumphs of the Middle East, Afghanistan, near nuclear Iran and nuclear North Korea and creating a never-empty magic purse so nobody has to work (a good thing too, since so many aren’t, these days) we cam add the unmatched domestic policy crowning achievement: Obamacare. That provides care to 19 or 23 or 31 million new beneficiaries at less cost than we’ve been paying and it’s better care, too! And we can keep our existing plans without any change if we prefer, correct? That’s what The Man said! The videos of his saying all that are on You Tube! The Congressional Budget folks? What do they know? Bunch of bean counters! They can’t even print money!

So our leaders have given us a foreign policy that sees the world collapsing into chaos, either financial (Europe) or civil (Arabia), a financial management that is bankrupting the country with no indication of stopping and a domestic health care program that even Congress admits cannot be paid for. And on top of these admittedly impressive accomplishments, our leaders are wrestling back and forth on the edge of a financial cliff, neither showing any inclination to save the country they’re taking over the edge with them.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is well in this, the best of all possible worlds…we should give our noble leaders a contract extension so they can keep up the good work! What, we just did? Wonderful! We’re as wise as they are!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to And Here, In the Best of All Possible Worlds…

  1. I have reason to believe that we are fighting the war in Iraq because we want them to sell us oil. This whole fight is about oil. We have to fight this war because we need oil to run the electricity in our homes so we can use microwaves, washing machines, computers, blenders, food processors, and hot water heaters so we won’t have to take cold showers, air conditioners in the summer. We need oil to put in our cars so we can drive to the mall and shop for toys for our kids who would suffer deprivation and extreme poverty without them. We need oil so we can run to McDonalds and Walmart whenever we run out of our processed simulated food substance that we must consume or we will die of starvation. We need oil to run the hospitals that keep us all alive while they give us our open heart transplants and coronary bipasses.

    There are two alternatives to this war, consume 90 percent less oil, or use nuclear power plants. Hmm. Everyone wants to complain but nobody is willing to hang their clothes to dry, and wash their clothes by hand. They do this in Japan, you know.

    Oh, and nobody is paying for the war. They’ve put the tab on a credit card. This giant credit card is stapled to a giant building and they call it the national debt.

  2. the unit says:

    Just the other day I read about a letter that was mailed in the ’40’s…just got delivered. Jamcracker say…”I have reason to believe that we are fighting the war in Iraq because we want them to sell us oil.” Duh? Check the postmark to see when this information was sent.

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