For the “War on Terror,’ Can Victory Exist?

They Have Paid--For What?

They Have Paid–For What?

If you stack dead Afghans next to dead Americans, both piles run to thousands but the Afghani pile, if it matches events in Iraq, will be somewhere between 10 and 20 times larger. Of course, nobody wants to make that statistic public. Afghans don’t vote in America, dead ones particularly.

That’s a human cost; the dollars spent are beyond belief and all borrowed, to be repaid with interest, allegedly. Someday, by someone in the U.S. You know this, if vaguely. You don’t care, it’s not real, somehow. Since it will become much more real than you are prepared to face in 2013, maybe you should consider it. You are increasingly paying its price. It’s your money…or was; what, besides military funerals, have you bought with it? That’s the subject of: “End the War on Terror.

My wife, a bookkeeper by training , says: “Leave all those crazy countries alone and let them kill each other; all we’ve gained from invading them is dead Americans.” Besides the collection of wars, we’ve gained one domestic product I can identify from the War on Terror: We now need the governments approval to travel in our own country. It’s not evident to me that any of these inarguable changes have made us appreciably safer in our beds or on our aircraft. From what has been published, the bad guys who’ve been caught, excluding the domestic nut cases, would have been nailed without the TSA. Which, like our invading armies in Iraq and Afghanistan, costs a bundle…of borrowed money.

We’re supposed now to equate the Taliban with al Qaeda among our enemies. The Taliban never attacked the U.S, it just attacked invading American soldiers. Yes, it’s a bunch of retro-Moslems with a 6th century shtick; is America supposed to update the Islamic world by military force? How come we’re not attacking China, still ruled by self-styled Communists? Yeah, I know some see communists as our buddies now. That is, the European ones; the Chinese are now CINO’s: Communists In Name Only. It’s all ridiculous. Which is also the term for our calling our military machine a Defense Department; who on earth will attack us today?

If anyone actually attacks, it will fire missiles, right? So how do we justify the astronomical billions blown on items and people useful only for massive combat or foreign wars? And why have we strewn it all over the world, accompanied by huge payments to be stolen by corrupt local politicians? What’s our return on all that? You might want to think a bit on all this while you watch your governors demand more and more of your money in current and ongoing tax increases.

It’s clear, if delusional why voters don’t want to face cuts to the borrowing now sustaining Social Security and Medicare-plus-Obamacare. At least, it’s comprehensible. But blowing all that hard-earned money on piles of dead folks and blown-up and burned property in other places? Why? For what? Damfino…

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  1. the unit says:

    Reading every day. Articles require some thought to comment on. Not up to it yet, may never be. But still thinking. 🙂

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