Our Feminists are Channeling Esau…

Spirit of Left Wing Feminism

Spirit of Left Wing Feminism

Another Biblical story reprised in our reality: The story of Esau and Jacob. Esau, being hungry, famously sold his rights as first born son to his brother for a bowl of pottage. When the enterprising younger brother (by a few minutes, they were twins) made his claim stick, Esau set out to kill him. He’d obviously intended to swindle Jacob out of his meal and Jacob had swindled him out of his rights instead.  Sweet fellas…

But the story, if you substitute the Lefty feminists for Esau, fits perfectly today, seems to me. I use ‘Lefty’ feminists because according to them, there are none on the right. In the feminist case, they hungered for the apparent sexual freedom of males, suddenly available with the arrival of female contraception in the form of The Pill. They demanded the whole shtick, too; they tossed marriage and embraced convenience abortion. This required abandonment of the foundation of Western civilization, Judeo-Christianity, so that went onto the ash heap as well. Men stood and gaped, weakly applauded or pretended not to notice. But the ladies got their ‘freedom’ and their ‘equality.’

The birthrights they so joyfully gave up, like Esau’s, took on more value after they were tossed. There’s a revision in process, though it’s not clear where it will lead. Women got the vote without trading for it. Their adoption of male sex roles hasn’t been free, likely because it denies biology. Women are now equal to men in the workplace, even ignoring their lesser physical abilities but they’re no longer able to expect a man to support them while they raise kids. And now, with artificially imposed equality, they can’t count on any nearby man to risk his neck in their protection as they once could. TANSTAAFL operates everywhere. The ladies have turned themselves into poor imitations of men, in many ways…and not profitably, from what I see.

The ultimate cost of mom’s rebellion against biology though, seems to be borne by kids. Men still have their fun and go their way as always; the imitation men have their fun, watch the price develop for nine months and then hang around dependently for years, unless there’s one of the 50 plus million abortions since Roe vs. Wade to interfere. Not much of a bargain, I t think. And a big reduction in the resources securing those kids, too.

Now, some accuse me of being a man (true, last I heard) and therefore, unable to understand. I guess an avionics engineer can’t understand flight either, not being a bird. But who doesn’t understand high divorce rates, declining marriage rates and hordes of single mothers? Judeo-Christian sexuality and its surrounds was repressive, no doubt. But it accorded with biology. When the gals tossed it all, they got their druthers but the price is being paid; a religious type would say: “God is not mocked.” Nobody has successfully ignored nature yet that I’ve heard about…our women very much included. And some of those pointing it out, aren’t men; if you’d rather here a woman on this, you can find a smart one here; she speaks of: “The War on Men.”

So it seems to me, the feminists have swindled themselves out of their biological birthright for what amounts to a mess of pottage…and not very nourishing pottage, at that. And men have cheered them on; now we get all that free sex with no responsibility. When milk is so cheap, why keep a cow? Kids? No problemo…let the state worry about it! Looking around, how do you think it’s all working out for us? Me? I’m worried for my descendants…I’ve had my fun, but I see the bills coming in.

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