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The President Knows His Own: Jews and Catholics Voted for Him

Time passes; things change. Americas’ churches have enjoyed Constitutional protection since the Founding while American moral standards have followed those churches and so largely has the government. But that’s all changing. Technology is proving hard on long-held beliefs; the invention … Continue reading

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The Real World and Fairy Tale Economics…

Forgetting for the moment who’s in charge, let’s consider what our government has made for itself and what it can do and can’t do with that reality. It’s a reality we are going to live with, right? And we can’t … Continue reading

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Well, They’ve Always Said the South Will Rise Again!

Seems the folks at the White House have promised to react somehow if enough voters submit their petitions for their state to secede from the union now His Highness has been reelected. Apparently a bit of hubris since now the … Continue reading

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Figure Skating’s Road To Nowhere

From the 1890’s pastime for gentlemen only to today’s trap for the parents of little girls, figure skating has now occupied some 120 years of sport, art, money and even some scandal on the way to its present dead end. … Continue reading

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Democrats, Republicans, a Dead Economist and a Dead President

As our economic failure proceeds, with Barack Obama having accelerated the spending initiated to save us by George Bush, both parties are reflexively channeling Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt during their Great Depression. It isn’t working. The most interesting fact … Continue reading

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Obama’s in the White House, the World is Safe Again; You Can Relax!

Romney couldn’t save us, so we didn’t elect him. Fair enough. Newly President again Obama can’t save us either, but we elected him anyway. Didn’t know what else to do with the first 1/4 black U.S. president, I guess. He’s … Continue reading

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November 6th, 2012: A Historical Milestone?

Some Americans are looking fondly at their rumps and saying: “Goodbye!” while others are celebrating Tuesday’s underwhelming Obamafest. Libs are gleefully informing Republicans that they’re done unless they reform by becoming Democrats Lite. Teafolk claim from home, where they stayed … Continue reading

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