Hamas: Using Other Peoples’ Money and Lives To Kill Jews…

As Christianity and Judaism come under direct attack by American government via mandates on abortion, birth control, gay marriage and presently circumcision, the Jewish nation of Israel is coming under attack from its erstwhile (guilt-driven) supporters in both Europe and the U.S. Arab rocket and mortar fire into Israel is brushed off; Israeli reaction, purely defensive, is frowned upon. France has leaked upcoming support of the ‘Palestinian’ U.N. bid, the equivalent of conferring equal political power on both a family of hard-working taxpayers and a homeless and criminal derelict.  Prospects for the only honestly successful and democratic country in the Middle East are increasingly, guarded.

Visceral, unreasoning hatred of Jews is too handy for Arab despots in need of distraction from the comparative miseries they deal out to their populations. Israelis live too well and excepting their neighbors, fear too little, an intolerable example. It isn’t mentioned, but growing numbers of Arabs have been trying to live there. But the country’s major guarantor, the U.S, no longer stands firmly behind it; the Democrats are returning to their historical anti-Jewish outlook along with the Europeans as the guilt-bearing WWII generation melts away. Israel in its present circumstances, seems unsustainable.

The latest ‘cease-fire’ shows us another of the brief, serial wars between the Arab/Iranian’ proxy Hamas wherein the rather pathetic Arab firepower calls down massive Israeli response, for which the Israelis are criticized. Apparently, being fired upon with killing of only a few and comparatively minor property loss is somehow supposed to be ignored. Next time a few ants attack your legs, just pay no attention, don’t stamp on them…

The problem appears to be that the U.S. and E.U. want Israel left to the Arabs/Iranians but are as yet too craven to say that. That outcome must come without visible American and European fingerprints. And if the present policies continue, that seems likely.

It’s reasonably clever, too. You allow Israel to be used for target practice from Gaza. the Sinai, Lebanon and the West Bank. Only a few Jewish folk (civilians) are killed and maimed. And if the Israelis return fire, they’d best not injure any civilians or the world dumps on them at once. Forget that Hamas sets up its rockets at schools and hospitals and stores its ammo in residential areas. The U.S. apparently leans on Israel to prevent sending ground forces into Gaza to clean out the sewer or simply returning fire the same way it is fired upon. The Israelis are even afraid to squelch Arab riots within Israel.  Israel seems too dependent upon the U.S. to brush off the restraints.

The kind of highly directed response and massive missile defense in use just now hurt Hamas but has not removed its war-making abilities; it plans to continue as it has been doing, using the ‘ceasefire’ again as a respite. And it knows the trend is with it and against Israel; the cost of the recent exchange was far too high for Israel to sustain over time and the return on the investment, far too small.

If it wishes to survive, Israel must publicly recognize that folks using artillery on its population is simply, war being made. And that justifies sufficient defense to protect its people now and onward. A small country can’t afford an Iron Dome that protects but doesn’t stop the onslaught. It should replay to missiles with twice as many just as indiscriminate as those it receives, giving the ‘Palestinian’ population a price to pay for its  war on Jews. Hamas is making war with other people’s money and other peoples’ lives; there is no reason to stop.

The United States has exhausted itself with overspending upon military and social programs; it has pursued fruitless wars to no good end with its fighters handcuffed ever since Korea. Now it is imposing the same futility upon Israel. The U.S. is withering under these policies; Israel will not survive.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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