Spoonful of Phony Sugar To Help the Snake Oil Go Down…

The games have begun as the Obamans ‘negotiate’ the fiscal cliff with the GOP. The marching orders trumpeted for public consumption by Dem Senate Boss Lovable  Harry Reid declare  benefits ‘off the table’ (See how Dems are protecting you?) and not to be cut by the hate-filled Republicans. This leaves some of us wondering why the Dems claim to be negotiating, since cutting benefits is the only available solution to overspending other than tax hikes. And the tax hike needed to erase the deficit without cuts will be around $1.1 trillion, an amount that would suck so much money from the economy that the poor thing would simply collapse, like any other body with all the blood sucked out of it. Harry baby must be playing a deeper game than he’s letting on, right?

You can count on that with good ol’ Harry. While he’s out front reassuring his suckers–excuse me, the American people–that their benefits are safe in Democratic hands, the Center for American Progress, a White House footsie-playing think tank, has quietly proposed what seems likely to happen: Substantial Medicare CUTS. The Medicare cuts already in Obamacare went over so well, given the election results, what politician standing atop a bankrupt government could resist reaching for more? So now we know the plan; gather ’round and look it over. It’s you’re new reality from your reelected politicians, the grifters who just took you through the fun zone they called an election.

Here’s how it lays out in front of us: The Dems and the hard-hearted, mean-spirited GOP will duke it out (behind closed doors, where they’re actually playing pinochle) where the Dems will protect the benefits and the GOP will declaim spending what we don’t have, both posturing for the voters and being terribly bipartisan and sincere in the news briefs while trashing each other. Towards the end of the year, or in the new year depending upon what they’ve agreed to do, they’ll either use the ‘fiscal cliff’ (the sunset of the Bush tax cuts with some already passed spending cuts of the same magnitude) to begin American austerity (blaming Republican intransigence) or the GOP will join the Dems in a modified version via legislation. And since the entire deficit is Social Security, Medicare et al. and our imperial military, all that is where the cutting will occur and from where the blood will flow. All the maneuvering is over who will own the blame as masses bleed.

American voters seem to resemble those Europeans rioting over reduced spending on social services over there. How much money do they think their riots add to government cash flow? The behavioral age of the E.U. electorate these days seems about four years old.  From the crowd-control preparations it’s been making, Congress seems to expect the same from Americans. Well, that’s sense; it’s about how they treat us these days, right? We’re told now how to live, what to eat, what to drive, what health care we can have…

So now you know what to expect, thanks to ol’ Harry and the Center for American Progress. (Funny name for an outfit planning to shift the country into reverse.) How do you predict the happy voters whose victory emplaced all this are going feel about it all as it unfolds? And who (certainly not themselves) will they blame?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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6 Responses to Spoonful of Phony Sugar To Help the Snake Oil Go Down…

  1. I agree with all this, though I’d like to point out that most of the riots in Europe are not explained properly unless you happen to watch the news in the relevant language. Mostly they are riots against corruption, or exactly where cuts are being made… which comes to the same thing.
    eg. In Italy, a local politician in charge of a region about the size of Essex Fells NJ earns more than Barack Obama. The chief of one of the six various police forces in Italy earns more than Barack Obama. Add all these people, and all the higher level members of parliament, and their immense expense accounts, and you come to a big number.
    These people have refused to even debate reducing their own salaries but they did cut school funding so you only have one principal for each 3 schools, no school cleaners, and parents have to buy all the school books, club together their money to pay for photocopies to be used in class, board pens for the teacher etc. My son’s school has rats, and I have to keep checking I put toilet paper in his school bag as they have none at school, and I am spending half an hour each morning pestering the other parents to give me a few euros for school resources even though I see several of them every day selling chestnuts or potatoes from the trunk of their cars by the roadside because they lost their jobs. All this kind of thing builds up till you get a riot because the politicians are so greedy and incompetent. Then foreign journalists report on it and they don’t know the whole story. All they understand is you don’t like the cuts.

    • jackcurtis says:

      There is a ‘corruption map’ available on the web; it shows relative corruption levels round the globe. The Anglo-Saxon places appear much less corrupt than most others. The E.U. is less so than most too, the Reformation countries particularly, And it seems to make a good case for correlating relative poverty levels with those corruption levels, which in turn seem cultural reflections. It appears to me that as American historical Christianity wanes, the corruption level here is rising and it is now admitted that the living standard has been falling for several decades. It seems reasonable to posit a relationship of sorts…(Of course, more is involved)

      ‘News’ isn’t reported now, seems to me; it’s more used for purposes rewarding to the provider. I’d bet the ‘newsfolk’ understand the missing background you mention but omit your explanation for their purposes… Of course, this sort of thought regularly gets me nominated for a tinfoil hat, too.

      • Ha ha! I wouldn’t nomiate you a tinfoil hat. I do agree absolutely that the journalists, or perhaps more often the editors they work for, have their own agenda which only partially overlaps with purveying information about recent events.
        I watch Al Jazeera, the BBC and Sky news, some Italian news channels and dip into CNN sometimes. Watching each of these channels report on the same story is most enlightening, as the differences are often so great you can hardly correlate the events. There’s room for some simple misinterpretation, but as you say, one has to conclude they have their own agendas.

        I wonder why protestantism correlates with low levels of corruption when catholicism doesn’t. I’ve noticed it myself. The forceful establishment of protestantism in Britain was a shameless corruptionfest on a unprecedented scale, so clearly things didn’t start as they eventually ended up.
        On reflection, I think the greatest change in British culture came about when Nelson managed to fend off Napoleon by a whisker. The discipline he established on his ships was unheard of previously and the very pressing danger of losing national sovereignty really got the nation’s attention. His “England expects every man to do his duty” statement was taught in all English schools and created a totally new culture of self discipline, obedience and orderliness which most continental Europeans find comical yet also admirable in the English to this day. I do think this mentality of duty coming foremost goes well with non-corruption and I know they have the same culture in Germany, though I don’t know historically how it came about there.

      • jackcurtis says:

        Thank you! Nelson’s quote is naturally familiar; the context and his disciplinary accomplishment explains much I hadn’t known. Like seeing something hovering in mid air without understanding how it got there or what’s keeping it up… Now his accomplishments start to become understandable, and even more impressive. Hadn’t understood his impact on British culture, either. Maybe he deserves a few more statues!

        Germanic rectitude seems to date from the Reformation, when their government(s) replaced the Church in reaction to Catholic corruption. Government in Germany thereafter had to justify itself by being cleaner than the Church it tossed out, from what they tell me. And America inherited both Anglo-Saxon and German Protestantism as its initial value set. While the Church eventually reformed in reaction to all that, the cultural shift didn’t occur with it, so we have today’s Latinate, (and Greek) entitlement-oriented south and more frugal and responsible Britain and Germany. Or so I’m told!

        But we’re now repudiating all that here, I think. And the price will come high…

  2. the unit says:

    Besides sugar…you might be surprised at the amount of hydrocodone/homatropine syrup going to help the swallowing.

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