GOP Mugwump Can’t Fly

Decision Time!

A mugwump sits on the fence with his mug facing one way, and his wump, the other. Romney was going to win, right? No Prez was ever reelected with unemployment like ours. Until now, when we experienced this on Tuesday night.

What’s the reality that shattered the GOP pipe dream? Hell, I dunno. The liberal Republicans are sure that the party has to catch up to modernity by offering a ‘light’ version of the Dems’ program. You know, go for global luke-warming and open borders on alternate days. That’s the general attitude of the party leadership.

The knuckle-dragging, right wing terrorists of the Tea Party seem to think that Constitutional government, personal responsibility and a bckpackfull of old, obsolete classical liberal ideas once held by the Founders need to be reclaimed.

Just as we can’t hold a society together if it’s half believers in convenience abortion and the other half, believers in the sacredness of human life as a gift of God, we’re not going to hold a political party together either; the two wings don'[t want the same things; they want things that are diametrically opposed. How do you fly with two wings that refuse to flap at the same time?

Our liberal Massachusetts Governor turned “Conservative” Republican presidential candidate was, seems to me, a lot better performer as a candidate than was John McCair, his 2008 predecessor, yet McCain, against an unsullied Obama, garnered a lot more voters,  though a smaller percentage of those votes. Why? Must be Bush’s fault; everything else is.

Though I don’t know anything, I still have an opinion; politicians do that all the time so why shouldn’t I do it? I don’t believe the GOP needs to move left. I believe that the GOP leadership has moved left without looking back to see whether the voters were following. The Tea Party said that, from what I can see, along with the response to Sarah Palin. The GOP top dogs gleefully jumped on with the Dems’ and media campaigns to demonize both. The GOP leaders have made it clear: neither Palins nor Teafolk welcome here!

So, I believe the voters have been left behind by what was once their party and the party’s reduced vote count reflects that. The more conservative candidates in the Republican primaries were clearly unwelcome there, so far as the party’s mighty were concerned. So increasing numbers of erstwhile Republicans with nowhere else to go, are voting with their bottoms by sitting on them at home instead of going to the polls to sort out what appears to be a choice between Rombama and Obamney.

The GOP must reconcile with its red state voters or watch them continue to vanish at election time. Alternatively, the voters might replace the leadership. Until the GOP gets its act together one way or the other, it seems likely to continue as the second fiddle in the string section…until things get so bad that the voters do a replay of Herbert Hoover’s second term, for the same reasons. If there’s a GOP or its replacement ready when the time comes.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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