“Things Could Be Worse,” He Said, And Sure Enough…

“I Won!”

What does the success of Obama and his Dems tell us? I dunno, do you? However, there are some things that it doesn’t tell us that matter a lot. Things that, unlike the fuss and bother of the campaign, are still with us. some likely more so than before.

First of those is the plight of Christianity and Judaism. In America’s WASP (white, Anglo Saxon Protestant) era, Catholics and Jews were picked on along with blacks, Mexicans and Asians. However, governments didn’t go after churches and synagogues. The Constitution, y’know. But the Obamans have gone directly against the churches and now that seems likely to accelerate; a two-pronged attack against both religion and the Constitution.

Next, all those unemployed workers are still out of work. Nothing likely to alter that is visible anywhere while the government’s energy and regulatory policies seem guaranteed to worsen the situation unless they’re changed, which seems unlikely.

The government still spends some trillion plus dollars a year more than it collects to float Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and military adventures. Directed by the President, that has been a truly bipartisan labor since every dollar has had to be willingly provided by the Republican House of Representatives, no matter what they were saying at the time.

Every living man, woman, child and declines-to-state in the U.S. now must somehow repay  over $60,000 of national debt, plus interest, in addition to whatever he, she or it owes personally.

Iran, and if they’re not stupid, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia and God (or your preferred replacement) knows who else (I suppose, Saudi Arabia) are going to turn up with nukes, followed of course, by others. It’s simply becoming too risky if they don’t have them.

And the Fed is, or isn’t, going to continue diluting the dollar with new money that increases the supply of money without the production of any wealth to go with it. More dollars and no more wealth seems the way to bet, from performance to date. The dollar will therefore continue losing value. Precious metals, anyone? That’s also risky…

None of this is recent and none seems likely to differ by inauguration day, none seems likely to care what the new Presidents’s name is, either.  See, President Obama isn’t going to save us; at some point, after raising taxes, he’s going to cut spending and we’ll be Greece.  President Romney would have done the same, with maybe differences in timing and emphasis, none significant to most citizens.  And all the children who elected a savior will have tantrums in the streets and be most indignant to be thrown into prison camps by the Army. Say, by 2014.

All this began around 1930, it became visible in 1970 when-stay-at-home moms became extinct and President Obama is just riding the trend, he didn’t create it. His policies are just expansions of President Bush’s. Well, excepting those churches.

The government made the mess; it’s not going to save us nor would it differ if Romney had won. In times and situations like ours, the only savior you can realistically depend upon is yourself. We’ll see how many of us are up to that pretty soon…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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