If You Succeed in the U.S, You Must Be a Racist, Right?


Certainly you know which races receive the most government help from your money. Quick: Do you know which race receives the least? In our non-racist (by law) society… that has elected a (1/4) black President. If that doesn’t seem to add up, you’re a racist! Your math may be inarguable, but your politics aren’t. See, in politics, when fact and theory disagree, we get new facts, not new theories. If you’ve got that, we can proceed.

The facts, which must not be allowed to pollute your mind, are these:

Getting the most government help: Blacks, Indians, Latinos.

Getting the least government help: Whites, Asians.

Doing the best, economically: Asians, whites. The same again, in education.

Obvious conclusion: The Asians and whites have too much; the government should take more from them to give to suffering blacks, Indians and Latinos. Right! So long as it doesn’t diminish the mansions inhabited by our leading politicians and their henchmen.

Some racist, rotten, selfish souls claim that the blacks, Indians and Latinos exist at the perennial bottom because that government subsidy deprives them of ambition and they go nowhere as a result. They even claim that the Asians (who were once despised, indentured laborers here) are taking advantage and should be penalized like whites in our legally post-racist society. Others conclude that the Asian success just proves that government ‘help’ is a failure and once the playing field is legally level, the government should get out of the way. That won’t get you elected though, will it?

To be elected, you penalize whites and Asians who are the engines of the economy and provide privilege at their expense to blacks, Indians and Latinos who…aren’t. How this works when whites have been the majority of voters needed to bring it about casts some doubt about white intelligence but there it is.

Some obviously selfish racists claim that a truly non-racist society will exist only when all races and groupings are treated exactly alike; such subversive ideas have so far, been prevented from taking hold by countervailing laws and school programs helping children to think correctly, a proper and necessary use of money exacted from (mostly white)  taxpayers.  If all this doesn’t add up for you, that proves you’re a racist, right?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to If You Succeed in the U.S, You Must Be a Racist, Right?

  1. katie says:

    They target Asian s in .nc for home invasions….follow them home…what can you do…just start killing home invaders and dumping the bodies.

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