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The Trouble With Global Warming (The Planet Isn’t Following the Script!)

Global warming, morphed into ‘climate change’ when the warming didn’t materialize, is used to explain enormous takings and taxings by governments world wide. It’s very big business. The U.S. Environmental Police (EPA) and various state wanna-be’s use it too. About … Continue reading

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Those School Lunches: Cui Really Bono?

To Mrs. Obama: Butt out! Why is it any business of the Federal Government, let alone Michelle (unelected) Obama what my kids eat for lunch? Yeah, I know the government’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying for or supplying a … Continue reading

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Ruminations Upon Watching Vice Presidential Candidates ‘Debate’

The ‘debate’ was obviously not intended to affect thinking; if any thought blundered into the performances, it was at once trampled into unrecognizability by one or both  of the rather amateurish gladiators. Vice President Jack Garner’s deathless evaluation of his … Continue reading

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Is Obama Channeling Smoot and Hawley?

Students somehow familiar with our prior Great Depression (1929–1945) know it was prolonged by, among other dumb things, heavily protective trade policies that served to raise prices for consumers while reducing trade generally. The glaring example was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. … Continue reading

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Good Our Prez Is So Smart, ‘Cause I Don’t Get It!

Coupla things I’m not smart enough to get, right now. We won our war saving Iraq, Saddam is dead and we’ve only residual troops there as we finish pulling out, right? And the current Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki (if I … Continue reading

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We’re Getting New Neighbors!

Did you know we’re not alone? ‘Activists’ (the new name for officious and bossy types wishing to impose their beliefs onto everybody at government gun point) have been upset over California’s Delta Smelt (a 3 inch fish), the Rio Grande … Continue reading

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Is the Obama Tailor Better than Romney’s?

Voters may not always seem the brightest lights in the political darkness as the classical “Emperor’s New Clothes” advertises but in the long run, there’s always been a little boy (named: “Reality”) to settle the illusions whether or not the … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain Falls Plainly… in America

Americans know in their guts that foreigners are corrupt by U.S. standards unless their native language is English or after that, Germanic. From there, things degenerate as one heads south and become hopeless in the Middle East, Africa and Latin … Continue reading

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How Will We Handle Human Biology When We Can’t Handle Government Finances?

The retribution for sacrilege has always been awful; mere man isn’t intended to assume to himself the powers of an admittedly jealous God. Now, with increasing numbers of men denying God His existence, His mantle falls upon them, having no … Continue reading

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The U.S. Election is a Sideshow Preceding the Main Event

The 2012 American presidential election is, even more than most in the country, a charade, existing mostly to anesthetize the citizens so as to perpetuate their rulers in power. On the one hand, we have the Democrat whose signature ObamaCare, … Continue reading

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