Those School Lunches: Cui Really Bono?

Mrs. Obama, Who Butted Into the School Lunches

To Mrs. Obama: Butt out! Why is it any business of the Federal Government, let alone Michelle (unelected) Obama what my kids eat for lunch? Yeah, I know the government’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying for or supplying a lot of the food but why does it think that gives it the right to specify what the kids eat at school? Aren’t parents supposed to raise their kids? And besides, the Federal standards are now under attack; they’re said to be deficient. New Fed School Lunches Lack Protein explains.

What the story doesn’t say may mean more than what it does say. See, it’s a complaint by the beef industry, not by kid advocates. Because the Michelle Obama-fronted anti-obesity Federal program for school lunches emphasizes rabbit food at the expense of dead cows, sheep, pigs and such. Yeah! Veggies! Veggies come from farmers; farmers get lots of government help and need markets for their food surpluses. Good ol’ USDA accumulates a lot of that stuff and needs someplace to dump it. So is Michelle Obama really helping kids or is she helping the USDA? Cui bono? Who benefits?I dunno… I understand ingesting too much green stuff makes for a lot of gas, too… which could be distracting in post-lunch classrooms.

But there’s a thing that seems pretty clear buried in this: If the Feds decide to regulate every human imperfection that offends some top official (or his wife) or attracts the media’s attention, it won’t be long before we can’t awaken in the morning without consulting government regulations and chocolate will be illegal. Probably wine, too. And fashion, it’s constant changes are wasteful, right? And worse, allow everybody to look different when proper egalitarianism specifies we all wear old Chinese Communist Mao uniforms. Which are unavailable in large and extra-large…

Anyway, seems to me, the closest authority to their kids, is the parents. The most likely to actually know the kids’ needs and more important, to care about those particular individual human beings and thus, actually desire whats’ good for them.

So like I said: Butt out, Michelle!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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15 Responses to Those School Lunches: Cui Really Bono?

  1. the unit says:

    Maybe call it trickle down parenting. Top to bottom, children minding children. Adults a shrinking minority, therefore no need to pander for their votes, like with the increasing minorties and increasing dependents.

  2. I agree controlling this at national level is absurd, but someone should be ensuring at some level (ideally a very local level) that children are given something healthy.
    I saw Jamie Oliver (one of our much beloved chefs in the UK) who visited a US school in an attempt to educate the dinner grannies (as we call them) into feeding the children fresh veg and natural meat instead of chemically pulped slop and “sausages” made of mashed up pigs ears, snouts and trotters. I swear, the kids were served bread and chips and some kind of mucus stuff that came from a huge vat with a tap – and this was called “processed peas”.
    The thing I found scariest of all was that the parents were as ignorant about healthy food as the six-year-old children were. They seemed to think frying everything and adding a chemistry set to it was fine.

    • jackcurtis says:

      We had housewives who had studied running a household until say, the 1970’s. All the moms then went to work while the schools stopped teaching anything actually useful. Now frazzled mom or hapless, feminized dads grab whatever looks like the least time and effort in the kitchen (which is reduced essentially, to a fridge and a microwave). And folks eating at home (instead of McDonald’s) pay for packaging, preservatives and the added labor that makes the ‘food’ so quick and easy to get ready. That reduces the amount paid that’s actually applicable to food.

      We may be a generation of gigantic replicas of Sicilian Godmothers by the time we die; I’m not sure though, with all the preservatives, if any of us will ever rot…

      • I was once visiting an American friend and he happened upon a loaf of bread in the garage, that he had forgotten there. It was a year past its expiry date and was not stale or mouldy; it looked fresh and perfect. We found that so scary that we both resolved never to eat American bread again!!!

      • jackcurtis says:

        Some molds will grow on our bread but then, the same is true of wood. And while you probably took the safer course, you also may have passed a shot at immortality…

  3. the unit says:

    I had to stop and think a while…still thinking…Oh now I remember. Along with typing, shop and that course about maintaining a family was called Home Ec. I didn’t take it so can’t say for sure, but don’t think it was about bananas and what was called rubbers back then. We fished and hunted and consumed our kill. But even then on those trips…nothing better than Vienna Sausage links and crackers. Also Mom, bless her Soul, gone now 7 years, would be 99 sent me to school with a yummy fried Spam and mayonaisse sandwich, no ice pack. Nothing was spoiled then. Just goooood. No metal fragments in the cereal, no arsenic in the meds. Town docs took your appendics out without breaking the family bank, …:) still had to take aspirin and call me in the morning however…:)

    • jackcurtis says:

      Yeah, I recognize the scene. Before the government got involved in everything… My wife took Home Ec. in high school; our kids benefitted. We could fish, hunt, rebuild our cars’ engines and repair most household equipment as a matter of course. And routinely carried pocket knives after age 10, without locking down the school or stabbing anybody…

      • the unit says:

        We even opened our knives and played game I think was called mumbly peg. Flipped knife end over end to see who was best at sticking blade in ground…not someone’s gut.
        Old retired policeman in uniform on corner after school to help us across street, would never have thought him a pig. Then walk safely home without fear to our unlocked homes.
        Later in high school had our shotguns in car to go hunting after school. Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end. Those were the days !
        Pardon if this becomes a double or even triple post. Been having trouble this morning posting.

      • jackcurtis says:

        Indeed, a description of my growing up. When away from home, we’d leave the back door unlocked in case anyone had car trouble nearby and needed access to a phone. Nobody ever unlocked a front door since they were never used but rare formal occasions or the Fuller Brush man. And local government was captured by honest reformers who defeated corruption for a generation. Like the song, I too saw that as the normal, to be expected. .. until I read some history. Now, I feel privileged to have inhabited a delightful anomaly, unlikely to be repeated any time soon. Unless maybe another reaction to hard times, as that was.

  4. the unit says:

    Same here. Little history goes a long way, if listen. And could be so likely in this world today. Anyway, remember besides Fuller, the milk delivered to door step, in glass with new invention, imagine a cardboard seal ! And an inch of cream (Mrs. O’s fat) in neck of bottle !

    • jackcurtis says:

      Yeah, and the milkman even then drove a smart delivery vehicle. It started automatically when he got back in after a delivery and drove to the next stop while he reloaded his carrier. And stopped and waited while he delivered, keeping that going through the entire day, since the horse knew the route…

  5. the unit says:

    My internet been messed up all day. Gonna have to stop and hope better later. Takes about half hour for this page or any other to load, and post. Disturbing. Think some local problem. Can’t imagine turmoil if it should become this way all over. Anyway, enjoy site. Be back later.

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