Is the Obama Tailor Better than Romney’s?

See the Latest Style!

Voters may not always seem the brightest lights in the political darkness as the classical “Emperor’s New Clothes” advertises but in the long run, there’s always been a little boy (named: “Reality”) to settle the illusions whether or not the voters were ready themselves.

The Emperors have never fooled anyone, unless themselves. The people haven’t cheered their blue, goose-bumped, shivering carcasses; they’ve cheered the authors of their state-granted goodies; the greed and corruption sit on both sides. That’s why that little boy was never, ever heard from again after his public moment. Whatever was left after the Emperor finished with the brat, the mob eradicated.

America’s current Imperial Incumbent fell the other night, to a little boy who took on the form of a public debate.  As with all who assume the Imperial Purple, that hubris invited the inevitable nemesis that duly appeared on cue wearing the features of Mitt Romney. But past those features, how well is Mr. Romney garbed for his ongoing battle?

It’s one thing to point to the nakedness of an Emperor (or the emptiness of his chair) and quite another to parade one’s own high fashion in good taste and perfect fit. Mr. Romney’s suit lacks much detail at this point, Much of his description of how it will look after the inauguration must not only be taken on faith, but taken so in the face of past actions as a Governor that were quite different and much more Obama-like. Surely, our shivering Emperor will try to clothe himself in that useful scrap of material in the next debate.

So in their respective ways, both our Emperor and our Would-Be-Emperor are clothed only in promises, not realities; each is currently, naked. And on that platform, they each wish to govern the most powerful, bankrupt Empire on the planet.

Of these two naked and perhaps, presumptuous political popinjays, one is attacking Judeo-Chrisiianity; the other will probably call that off. One seems on visible results to date, more competent than the other. But there seems not a dime’s worth of difference between their likely political goals if their histories are any gage. To this observer, they seem to share the same tailor, something that calls our current, two-party system into question. Perhaps we need a little boy who will ask about that!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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