General Tso’s Road Kill?

General Tso’s Roadkill

Traditional Chinese cuisine has just been expanded by American entrepreneurial spirit admixed with traditional U.S. southern cooking. However, at least one diner, perhaps insufficiently a gourmet, responded by notifying not the Iron Chef show but rather, the cops. Road Kill Foo Yung? will fill you in, even if it doesn’t fill you up.

There are several ways for looking at this; to me, it’s what you get for allowing government into what should be our private business. The current push by government into what goes on restaurant menus, New York Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to forbid large soda pops and Mrs. Obama’s takeover of school kid’s lunches all turn my stomach. These are the excesses of petty tyrants. This will obviously get worse and it’s highly ironic: Not long ago, derogatory observations of someone’s avoirdupois was actionable bullying; ‘fatism’ was right up there with racism or anti-homosexualism. Now fatism is suddenly respectable, led by the wife (no sylph) of the Prez. Well, what can we expect from folks that have also turned on Christians and Jews…

The sudden addition of venison to the restaurant’s menu would likely have upgraded it and there’s little doubt of its positive effect on food costs. This assumes that it would have been an advertised addition rather than something anonymously ladled into various dishes to hide among the peanuts and mushrooms. Had it been say, a pig or dog perhaps, but no restaurateur would waste a deer that way, would he? Certainly not! The thing would be to whip up a more pungent sauce to match the length of time the dead deer lay at roadside and present it as the Special of the Day (or week, depending): General Tso’s Roadkill. The word “roadkill” tastefully rendered into Chinese, of course. Yes, ‘tastefully’ is a pun, take it or leave it as you please. You can pour Soy sauce over it.

But the Police State or at least, the city cops applied their faceless, uncreative bureaucracy to prevent all that and keep everything plugging along its dreary, ordinary, grey sameness and worse, by closing the restaurant, deprived a bunch of folks of their lunches. They made roadkill of the restaurant, certainly overkill in my opinion. People out of work, folks hungry.

Betcha the cops pinched the venison, too…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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