When Results are Evil, What are the Politicians Who Create Them?

The Prince of Darkness

Our receding peaceful civil society took another whack this week as Science Daily published a report: Fetal Autism Predictor, that warns expectant parents of an oncoming autistic child. Why does advance warning of an autistic kid threaten the peace? Consider:

American society is split by a growing chasm between folk (often, but not necessarily religious) who believe in the sanctity of human life and those (often, but not necessarily non-believers) who don’t. Abortion on demand is the litmus test; the Democrats are pushing (by no Fluke) for subsidized ‘rights’ to abortion and have already mandated subsidized birth control. You can’t run a society both ways; it’s one or the other.

So, how many contemporary American young folk will knowingly take on a likely autistic kid to raise, now that advance warning is on offer? And what will be the effect on the abortion rate first, and the pro-abortion/pro-life debate? Right!

Young prospective parents seem unlikely to give much thought to their older years until they arrive at them; the current reduction and rationing of healthcare for seniors in favor of cheaper palliative and hospice services as a variation on the state’s valuation of human life as a replacement for God’s version may not become real to them until too late to affect matters. Politicians probably count on that.

As a sidelight on this split, it divides those convinced of their ‘rights’ to the necessities of life at other’s expense from those who believe that a personal responsibility just as it separates pro and anti-abortionists or the Occupiers from the Tea Party. Maintaining a stable society with such fundamental disagreement is riding two diverging horses with a foot on each saddle. Not, as we like to say these days, sustainable.

As the E.U. and then U.S. finances collapse in the post-election, New York City’s currently 19,000 homeless-sheltered kids (they’ve had to add 7 new shelters recently) will proliferate and the streets full of desperate people will not be peaceful. The stories reporting the widening gap between rich and poor are just a spin on the shrinking of the middle class, when you think about it. The media, since it’s bad for their boy,* will not notice until later; then it will be Bush’s fault. Or maybe, Herbert Hoover’s.

So the government is buying the young with “free” services; all the young need do is give up their antiquated religion that disapproves instead of helping as the compassionate government does. Just as Esau got his bowl of food and all he had to give up was a vague, future right.

The old, sold out by their own young, will be held off by the government that battens on the conflict it encourages between the generations. They are, after all, no longer productive. It’s not ‘fair’ to waste resources on them…that’s exploiting the young!

And these chasms in American social fabric will, under the stress of want, deprive the society of any peace, that condition marking the real ‘gift’ of the politicians. Man, seems to me, doesn’t need a Devil when he can do such things to himself, over and over again…

*Not a race-based concept, if one knows history…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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