Dead Pelican Jails Homeless Man

Awhile back, American people had rights conferred by God and unalienable by government, at least if you believed the Declaration of Independence. And man had dominion over the earth and its creatures; that was in the Bible. Right.

Things have changed: Powerful Pelican Jails Man will explain one recent case, though there have been many. See, pelicans now have rights, too and those trump people’s dominion. After all, dominion only comes from God and how many officers does He have working for Him? In fact, He is in such poor political shape that He had a Hell of a time getting into the Democratic 2012 party platform, a place He used to take for granted. Not now; it took public Chicano chicanery by the L.A. Mayor serving as Chairman of the DNC to get Him his usual place. That’s telling; God never had to depend upon Democrat party hacks for His official existence before. He sure aint’t what He used to was, at least among Dems.

The pelicans, they get their recent rights from government, not God. So their rights trump those from a mere God with no troops. Chairman Mao asked: “How many divisions has the Pope?” or something along those lines; President Obama hasn’t bothered to ask, just going ahead and ordering the Catholics to provide abortion and birth control or else.

And a hungry, homeless guy trying to find dinner by strangling a wild pelican goes to jail because the pelican has more rights than he does. At least, if we’re getting a straight story. Straight stories aren’t something to take for granted anymore, are they? And I’m told, pelican is fishy and unappetizing. I can believe that…

So, parse this as pleases you. I believe that people can now get in trouble for what they do to animals, which didn’t used to be so. Maltreatment of God’s creatures (how it was looked at) got you the disapproval of your peers but no legal action. Not long ago, a fellow offed his pit bull with a chainsaw after it bit someone; he got several years for that, if I remember. I’ll leave you to parse it out for yourself, but it is a change and I’m pointing it out for you to consider. Changes of this nature tend to be accompanied by unforeseen consequences, right?

Like the cases where pit bulls have bitten burglars, who’ve successfully sued the homeowners.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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