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Exposing the Irresponsible, Anti-Gun Con Game

Wake up! Your life ¬†and your kids’ lives are at risk! Pretending to protect you, your Liberal leaders are aimed at taking our guns, leaving us all at the mercy of madmen wielding knives! Knives are much more dangerous than … Continue reading

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When a Little Knowledge Is a Truly Dangerous Thing…

Biological research is now predicting defective kids in utero and identifying sociopaths using brain imaging. Please tell me why abortions aren’t about to shoot up and probably come to include kids of the wrong sex? And please, PLEASE tell me … Continue reading

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Will Helicopter Ben Give Away More of Your Kid’s Money?

Watching for the Fed’s next “easing” (dumping cheap/fake money into the economy) is like betting on the breakup of ice in the Tanana River. Both events seem equally likely and those who get one exactly right can make some money … Continue reading

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