It’s Taken Only 67 Years to Erase the Holocaust–(Those 1945 photos were photoshopped!)

Holocaust Victims: Belsen

Not long ago really–lots of folk who were there are still alive, rather embarrassingly as it now appears–there was what was called: “the Holocaust.” Some 6 millions of Jews murdered by the Nazi regime for being Jewish. ‘Never Again!’ was the watchword that came out of that and Israel was granted to Jews forever to be theirs as a sort of conscience-gift by Europeans who’d been anti-Semitic for centuries.

Fast forward a half-dozen decades or so and what have we? Well, we have rising anti-Semitism in historically pogrom-happy Russia, in Captain Dreyfus’ France, in Italy, Britain and of all places, Germany where a German Rabbi Faces Criminal Charges Over Circumcision. See it isn’t really anti-Jewish; it’s just protecting kids, right? And everybody knows the Elders of Zion sacrifice kids! The hypocrisy, if you’re one who remembers Hitler,  sickens.

But we’ve seen it coming ever since the U.N. went for keeping the festering ‘Palestinian’ nonsense alive, preventing the finalizing of what was promised to Israel in order to maintain oil supplies. In the U.S, Obama is attacking Christians, especially Catholics via Obamacare and gay marriage while pushing Israel further away and San Francisco tried to ban circumcision though its mayor vetoed the move. The German courts are holding circumcision a crime; the rabbi is being prosecuted. Jews are circumcised at the command of God. You can’t get there from here, can you? And it took only 60-odd years…

In the brilliant “Out of Revolution,” Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy observed that Westerners are people of beginnings while the Jews are ever a people concerned with the ending. That makes them always a sort of misfit for western societies. And he adds that always, when western societies are failing and about to collapse, a new persecution of the Jews begins.

For those paying attention, that sounds like a reasonable description of where we are. But this time, the Jews aren’t alone…it increasingly seems they’ll maybe have Christians for company.

Civilization is a wonderful thing, right? Do you suppose our species will ever get around to trying it?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to It’s Taken Only 67 Years to Erase the Holocaust–(Those 1945 photos were photoshopped!)

  1. belcredi says:

    I find it paradox that you take the Holocaust-argument when it comes to an already delicate case such as Rabbi Goldberg, which certainly was doomed to have a “happy ending” in the first place (since the German nation 1. seems never to become free of its historical shackles – other nations makes sure of that, and 2. the German Democratic constitution, which is based on Christian values was/is in a dilemma: religious freedom is supposed to be vital but also is the protection of the human dignity AND body, so: how to react? The court declares the a by all means Christian decision to favor personal protection, and voila, now it’s the Holocaust again). Furthermore I do not know what to do with the Rosenstock-Huessy quote. How to imagine a people that is concerned with the “beginning” and one concerned with the “ending”? What does that mean in the political dimension? It sounds slightly poetic but is hazy as a misty November morning. The rest of your bemusing entry I am trying to blind out.. I believe we live in a complex, rashing time where people get back to religious or spiritual belief in order to have personal guidance and to feel protected from the overwhelming rolling mill of modern age. The world wide clash of beliefs, as it has restarted in 2001, is part of the modern age spiral. Catastrophes, economical crises and revolutions consolidate the new wave of religion. Everybody suffers. Not only the Jewish or the “Christians” (as you generalize and who, obviously, exclude gay people), also Hindus and muslims (!!). Everybody keeps fearing the other “festering” one and declares the end of the world. Take your blog entry: it reeks of pseudo-political extremeness.

  2. jackcurtis says:

    It seems to me that the guilt-based WWII services to Jews that peaked with the creation of Israel are now reverting to the mean: western anti-semitism exprssed in European societies and in the U.N. against Israel. Much hypocrisy is, as always, involved. A historically familiar, if unedifying reprise…

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