Reagan Was Right: RomBama is the Problem, Not the Solution!

RomBama: The Pied Piper of Washington

We’re presently supposed to consider President Obama or would-be President Romney as evil incarnate and his opponent as our savior, right? But if you discount the juvenile name-calling and the phony propaganda, it’s more like a Southern California resident deciding whether to drive to San Francisco on scenic coast route 101 or use the faster, less interesting inland route. Either way, you still end up in San Francisco. They don’t allow the retail sale of dogs and cats there anymore, you know.

We’re supposed to think that Obama’s half-black dad and white mom make him black and somehow, superior while Romney’s whiteness being 100% instead of only 75% makes him a racist. If being white makes one racist, I guess three fourths racist beats a hundred percent racist but I’m not sure I get how that works. Both men are majority white, right? And anyway, among grownups, what does that say about their ability as presidents?

And while we’re being distracted from reality by these childish shenanigans there are other things being ignored, buried under the truckloads of such–fertilizer–so they’re overlooked. Consider:

By following the same government principles prescribed by President Obama and used in governing Massachusetts by Romney, the tarnished Golden State of California has set up what amounts to a suicide party for itself and for its lengthening list of bankrupt cities; Victor Davis Hansen recently wrote of it in: There Is No California.  That was very impolite; we really aren’t supposed to notice when reality challenges The Word from Above.

And again in California and specifically, in San Francisco, we have: Treasure Island Nuclear Coverup. We felt superior when the Japanese were discovering that their government hadn’t been honest about the nuclear reactor after their earthquake and tsunami, right? Guess what! Seems we can’t trust the U.S. government either, even with the noble Progressives in charge. A cynic (me) might say, well, what do you expect? Government is government; it’s all corrupt! But it leaves you wondering what else they’re hiding…

Then the Washington Post, a bastion of liberalism, weighed in on the economy with: Regulatory Repercussions. Seems even liberal journals are noticing the burden of U.S. government intervention into American industry and starting to question its real benefits. When things are going down the drain like we are these days, everything should be up for questioning. But that’s another area we’re not supposed to notice; the Post is ‘way out in front for a change. Applause!

See, I haven’t mentioned RomBama in these paragraphs and they’re important, symptomatic of what really ails us. Well, along with spending money we don’t have, but mentioning California probably comes close enough to cover that. But we need this stuff fixed or we’re nowhere, no matter who’s President, and if you notice, nobody’s talking about any of these, let alone about fixing it. They just shovel political pablum at us, assuming we’re stupid. Maybe they’re right; we elected them in the first place.

There’s one more to finish things up here. This one’s about the used-to-be Motor City; Detroit. Home of the remaining U.S. auto industry, the world-famous Big Three GM, Ford and Chrysler until the Japanese took cars seriously while Detroit no longer did. The city that progressed from the nations’ third largest all the way to 11th place under Democratic leadership (with lots of union help, just like the automakers had), the city that just recently lacked enough money to bury its dead or collect its garbage. That city, right. The story symbolizes the city perfectly, it’s: Detroit Horseshoes. You’re not going to believe this, but here it is; this shrunken, broke, decrepit, hopeless rust pile of a city continues to employ a well-paid employee to shoe horses, though the city employs no horses to shoe. See, the union contract demands it…

So seems to me, the big fuss over RomBama is an empty facade; we’ve a lot more to address than any White House occupant is likely to fix. So we don’t want to be too distracted by the politicians directing us away from important things. We need to keep our eyes on the ball, not the gyrations of the pitcher. If we want change, we’ll have to make it happen, RomBama won’t. They’re both invested in the status quo.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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