Why Does Prophecy on Human Affairs Always Seem Pessimistic?

Jeremiah Prophesied Long Ago–But We Haven’t Learned Yet!

The politicians–either party–promise us stuff they can’t possibly deliver, as we’re now seeing. The Dems provided Social Security and we’re now finding out it was always a scam. They gave us Medicare, too and the GOP added to it and now it turns out a scam, too. Those are bad enough but the worst is coming and nobody short of God is going to stop it. Since nobody in power believes in God now and the Obama crowd is attacking those who do, that means, the worst is coming.

The touted ‘recovery’ never seems to appear, right? We’re told things are improving but the results remain somehow invisible. And we’re told there’s no inflation but we have to spend more each week to eat, dress and stay warm or cool or drive to work (if we have work); kinda strange…

But all that’s nothing, as the old circus barkers used to say. See, we built our high standard of living on political promises made to keep unions happy for a long time. But better tech (that we paid for) has allowed all the poor places to compete with us now so we’ve priced ourselves out of work. The world is one market now and markets always equalize, right? They call that economics; they call economics: “the dismal science,” you can see why.

Follks have started to notice; we just saw: Laid-off Workers: New Jobs Pay Less as somebody remarked on this. This is what’s happening and even folks who don’t lose their job will find their earnings dropping pretty fast against inflation. We’re all going down from our precarious peak to meet the world average…and we’re not gonna like it much. Thank your favorite politician for making it happen…and your own unthinking greed for refusing to face reality against his promises. Or hers. ‘Cause those are the truths. Which is why some believe democratic government can never work in the long run, since this always happens. So far, anyway. Of course, none of the other kinds work either…

Add to that, our governors are speaking ‘recovery’ and governing less and more costly energy, smaller, more crowded housing, smaller, less capable cars and trucks, less travel, dumber schools (what’s visible; not what’s said), rationed healthcare beginning with the elderly and even prohibiting family dogs and cats, now starting in San Francisco and a few other places that no longer allow their retail sale. Your brave, new world now at the door courtesy of your very own government!

There’s old Scripture (the Bible is handy for human affairs, whether one is a believer or not) that seems to apply: “Who has eyes to see; let him see. Who has ears to hear, let him hear.” or something similar.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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