Meeting Murphy’s Enforcer: Reality

U.S. government and America’s Big (and now international) Business have been selling out the American middle class–with its enthusiastic support–for over 50 years. And the greedy suckers deserve it, though their children, who will suffer the most, do not.

A mix of collectivists, opportunists and bleeding hearts arose on the dislocations attending the American industrial revolution from about 1840, reinforced by the massive wreckage of the Civil War. They saw the throngs of needy, displaced people as ready votes: “What is this I see before me, handle toward my hand?” They promised, if they were voted into power, to cure the ‘unfair’ sufferings inflicted on the downtrodden by using the power of the federal government for good. They were the Progressives.

Americas’s wealth came out of individual freedom and among individuals, those who produce great wealth are always a small proportion of the masses. All the rest, lacking such wealth themselves, are always easily incited to envy by unscrupulous politicians. (Is there any other sort?)  If the freedom persists, the wealth does percolate down, enriching those masses proportionately to their numbers–eventually. But is’s easy for politicians to convince them that it is owed to them, now. Thus, individual freedom always comes under attack as it produces wealth.

The successful businesses buy politicians to protect them from having to compete; the labor unions buy politicians to protect them from having to compete with non-union labor. The three become parasites on wealth production, which is slowed, bloated and becomes unable to compete with the rest of an industrializing world. A minimum wage law maintaining an income level sufficient to support an adult family member bars competition with India or China and now that the world has internationalized, that is the market, like it or not. A recent article: Skilled Work Without the Worker capsules the inevitable result of such interventions by government; replacing people with–expensive–machines. That’s a large investment; once it starts, those jobs are gone forever or at least, while the machines last. Any leftover people can go flip burgers and so can their kids, with their dumbed-down college degrees that represent less value than high school diplomas once did.

That’s sad to watch and worse to watch from up close; it’s like watching a sinking ship from the top deck. It’s worse yet when the captain is ordering the crew to open the sea-cocks and let the water into the hull as U.S. government is doing by restricting economic production via regulations and energy policies that raise costs and limit energy. All the policies that supported the original production of wealth are reversed; so, unsurprisingly, is that wealth production. And the middle class, ultimately the greatest beneficiary of the earlier policies has enthusiastically joined in the reversal, bribed with government goodies that have to be paid for with its money–money it refuse to see has run out.

That’s not the ‘fair’ promised by politicians, but that’s the kind of ‘fair’ reality actually delivers… and we get to watch.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to Meeting Murphy’s Enforcer: Reality

  1. (From the biographical book “Oldest Confederate widow tells all”) “I was 13 when I married Captain Marsten, he was in his early fifties… as best as he knew”
    “During the Civil War, Slaves were told by northern spies sent to disrupt the productivity of plantations and family farms were told this. “When the war is over and the North wins, the President will allow you to move into any home you want, occupied or not and all crops grown by you will be yours to keep and sell as you wish. But first… the North must win for you to own these beautiful homes for free.” This caused a drastic slowdown in the Souths productivity. When the South lost, slaves went into the towns and city’s trying to claim their homes. Most ended up beaten, disillusioned and homeless. The North did not care, their lies had helped beat the South with the help of the slaves. When their plight reached the Eastern press, Northern politicians came to the rescue… by claiming plantations and farms as their own using the law of ‘reconstruction’. They then gathered up hoards of starving ex slaves and put them to work on their newly claimed windfalls. The ex slaves were sold farming tools at prices up to 10,000 times their original cost. A single scythe could take up to 20 years to pay off! And yet today those very decedents today continue to be as gullible a their ancestors. The Carpet Baggers of the Civil War are the Northern Democrat politicians of today doing the same thing … only difference is the poor Negro today traded his chains for those of a Government handout. No one ever crawled out of poverty on the back of a welfare check! ”
    Lucy Marsten, widow of Confederate Captain Willie ‘Ned’ Marsten. 1984

    • jackcurtis says:

      Never did, never will… The same story accompanied the Biblical wars, those of old Greece and now, present (can’t call it modern) Afghanistan. And we still haven’t learned anything, have we?

      • No. We have not. My ancestors (Blackfeet tribe) looked at the world the same as Christians. That we have turned our back on the God who made us and went off on our own thinking we were wiser than our Creator. Each generation passes down less and less good truth until there is nothing good to pass down. Our Creator tells Naapi, the trickster,” let them walk around puffed up in their own greatness but then with a sharp stick, poke them and they will deflate.” Each generation is poked with a stick. I fear the time for a poke stronger than all those before is coming soon for us. JW

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