Barak Hussein Obama: Judas Goat

Judas Goat

Democrats demonize Republicans to fend off blaming them for the economy. Republicans demonize President Obama to hang the economy around his neck. Both are doing all they can to avoid their joint responsibility for destroying America’s economic power by financial mismanagement; specifically, putting political goals ahead of rational economics and thereby creating unsustainable debt and deficits.

Our economy is already destroyed; we are Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner ten feet off the cliff and just about to look down and discover the fall we’re headed into. Both parties are doing everything possible plus some things that aren’t to keep the next economic shock off until after November. Both parties know what’s coming; the vote to put the military into domestic policing was bipartisan, the current purchasing of millions of rounds of high-powered ammunition was funded by votes from both sides. Americans aren’t ready for the collapse but the government that has caused it, is ready.

President Obama is trapped into advocating more spending to ‘cure’ the problems resulting from overspending; his party is the historical tax-and-spend sales force and he cannot now retreat from that. Hence, taking yet more money from the productive economy now crippled by lack of money is his only possible ‘solution.’ That is, drain more blood from the bleeding patient so you can give him a transfusion.

The Republicans blame the Prez for exiting Iraq on Bushes’ timetable, pushing Afghanistan  the way Bush pushed Iraq and dumping tons of money into the reeling banks and big business in a continuation of Bushes’ TARP program. They’re having hysterics over the Prez’ ObamaCare, which expands what Bush started expanding with his Medicare addition of prescription drug coverage. And which replicates nationally what candidate Romney created as governor of Massachusetts: his signature RomneyCare, that served as the model for the President’s program. We’re somehow supposed not to notice the similarities.

So, Republicans are the evil enemy for the Dems; they want to starve the orphans. Never mind that ObamaCare robbed Medicare of a third of its funding to cover the new beneficiaries; the seniors won’t discover their robbery until after the election when their coverage drops and their Medicare fees double. But the Republicans, who’ve done just as much as the Dems to ruin America’s economy are no less dishonest.

They want voters to believe Obama caused all the destruction; just replace him with Romney and he’ll make all the problems go away. His magic wand, no doubt. Obama’s magic seems to have faded with the audience’s perception of his teleprompters. Romney’s magic seems all new and shiny, at least so long as no little boy points out the nakedness of his Massachusetts policies as Governor.

So the GOP wants the election to be about Barak Hussein Obama, putative Moslem alien socialist cause of all America’s problems. With that, the GOP will be the cure by being the ‘not Obama.’ Never mind that Romney governed his state almost exactly as Obama has tried to govern the country.

It’s simple: the Dems want to frighten as many groups as possible with Republican demons.  The GOP wants Obama to be the cause of it all. Big game hunters used to stake out a goat to serve as bait for the predators they wished to shoot; sometimes cutting the animal so the smell of its blood would be carried on the breeze.  It was called a Judas goat. Such, for the Republicans, is President Obama.

America’s economic destruction was perpetrated equally by both parties; until their current leadership is replaced, the country’s ruinous direction cannot change. President Obama will not solve or head off American collapse nor will his replacement. What is left that can be done is a return to the Founders’ values, led by very different people than either parties’ current leaders. And that seems very unlikely until the country starts to exit the oncoming years of turmoil, if then. That will be known only to our children.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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