“Boys Will Be Boys” Is Being Corrected…

As an unreconstructed Y chromosome, offer me a choice between say, Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi to attend and see how long it takes me. Just don’t stand between me and my goal, you could get hurt. There’s just something about Liberal women that makes me see the Liberal part more than the woman part and it turns me off. No, I’m not into barefoot and pregnant and for me, the smarter the woman, the better. Most are smarter than I am, anyway. My wife is a partner, not a subject. Well, she thinks she’s my immediate supervisor most of the time and I try not to upset her by disagreeing too often…

See, seems to me, women were sold a load of fertilizer with women’s lib; they were freed from being stay-at-home moms to go to work and still be moms on top of that. Some ‘freedom’ right? But hey, honey; you’re a big girl, if that’s what you want, you got it! Don’t know how good it is for raising kids, though…

But there’s one chunk of women’s lib that makes no sense if one cares for the social good, seems to me. That’s the one that says that female equality must be forced by law to include physical equality when it’s as plain as that nose on your face (stuck too far into my business if you’re from the government) that ladies are smaller and weaker than gentlemen. I mean, when the fire’person’ is ready to take you down the ladder, do you want to see a cute, 5’2″ blonde girl or good old 6’2″ Mike “the Tiger” on the ladder? And female infantry? You’re just offering “comfort girls” to the enemy. So, I guess by making whores of them, we’re somehow freeing our women from bondage? You may have noted that the female captured by the Iraqis in the early phase of that war was kept out of sight and sound. I admit, I don’t get it.

Now they’re pushing again; it’s the cops this time. We’ve had girls in blue for quite a while now but the Department of Justice is after more whether or not they can pass the physical.

DOJ: Physical Test for Police Discriminates Against Women tells about it. Cops have to get physical, especially in their early years on the force. Is society benefitted by reducing their ability to do that? Seems to me, that’s just going overboard; putting political gains over what’s really good for all of us. But that’s just an hors d’oeurve on this menu; the entree is Title IX for Math and Science. Seems the Obamafolk are going to up the percentages of females in math and science by force, as they did with athletics. Few have remarked that women’s athletics expanded by diverting money from boys, which shrank their activities. So, any program expanding women’s presence in math and science (which don’t exclude them, after all) is going to end as one imposing limits on male participants.

Do you suppose the guys will ever wise up to their Progressive political gelding? It wasn’t metrosexuals who tamed and then built this country; it was men who were men and women who were women and both believed: “Vive l’ Difference!” But I suppose the currently correct view that there shouldn’t be any such difference is just fine if all you want to accomplish is to tear the place down again…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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