Adding It Up for Yourself or, 1+1=1.67

Everybody knows the U.S. government owes more than it can repay and is still spending $1.3 T a year more than its income; it’s just that nobody believes it. Our leaders know what they’re doing and they all promise to fix things, right? They’ll save us from real harm; we’ll be all right! (What! Me, worry?)

I’ve no intention of arguing with what the old Scholastics called “invincible ignorance” on such a scale; instead, here’s a little grab-bag of selected current news stories; a sort of pastiche of U.S. reality to decorate your thoughts. Facts, not politicians’ pronouncements:

1. “Why America is Slouching Toward 3rd World Status: a short post from Business Insider.

2. Tombstone Shovels a Federal Message: A thirsty city needs Fed permission to repair its drinking water sources in an area newly dclared green, a dryly humorous tale…

3. Meaningful Work: Another jewel from Thomas Sowell; the liberal take on ‘menial’ work and what it does to us.

4. Jobs for High Schoolers Hit 20 Year Low: Kinda follows Sowell and what do you think it presages for the economy?

5. Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits: One of the big reasons politicians won’t even talk about cutting spending; these are voters!  Those same folk who don’t believe things are really going to change…

No more comments; add these up for yourself, or if that’s too discouraging or unbelievable or boring, just get on with your life, enjoying what’s left for the Barnum Birthrate cohort…

We all know 1+1=1.67, right? 🙂

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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