President Eisenhower Becoming High Roller in His Tomb?

U.S. Sends Troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda Gains Ground adds a new little war to the ever-increasing list of undeclared Obamawars. You probably haven’t heard about it; the media in their inestimable professionalism seem to have decided that, in this election cycle, it’s non-news and we don’t need to know.  A lot of that going around, right?

But courtesy of the internet, much creeps out between the cracks; we can no doubt expect the government’s attempts to grab control of the web to become even more frenzied. One question comes to mind here: where is Obama getting the money to pay for his new little war? The one obvious thing, since he’s stony broke, (well, not personally of course, just when he’s spending our taxes) is that the money is either Fed fake or borrowed, with interest (for us) to pay. Note to self: Before the Fed in 1913, government couldn’t pull off this sort of grift…

But this isn’t quite as outre as it seems; did you know the U.S. has military in over one hundred different countries? Without counting visits by our Navy, too. But in the majority of those places, there’s no shooting going on or at least, none by our militaru. That we know of.

I’m beginning to wonder; does the Pentagon have an advance team of specialists that sneaks into countries to plant an “Al Qaeda” flag and a roadsice bomb just before we send in our troops? Nah, my tinfoil hat’s leaking again, right?

Nutjob Ron Paul, right wing Republican-Libertarian that he is, thinks we shouln’t be doing all this; that we should let other coutries run their own affirs and keep our noses out and our budgets, balanced. And we should “end the Fed!” to assure it. Given the enormous benefits we’ve gained from our efforts in this direction (which I will list for you when they come clear to me), maybe he has a point besides the one under his tinfoil hat…

No, no, can’t be! That would be a repudiation of every President after Eisenhower, regardless of party. And what the hell did General/President Eisenhower know? He warned us not to fall into this sort of thing… All he did, was win WWII and preside over the successful transition from a wartime, shorthanded economy to a peacetime one full of returned soldiers while avoiding substantial unemployment and new wars. Oh, and he played golf, too. A real contrast with our present golfer, Eisenhower was smarter than he looked, wheras Obama is lookier than he is smart, seems to me.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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