Racism, Equality and Affirmative Action Don’t Add Up (Without a Dose of Hypocrisy)

Racism: BAD; Reversed Racism: GOOD

Racism is bad and equality is good; right? Racism consists in treating other races’ folk differently than we expect for ourselves. That violates equality. Ok, we’re making sense here.

But wait a minute; I’ll hire a tall, black point guard for my ball club before a 6 foot white one…but tuat’s ok, it’s not on account of the black/white, it’s on account of the tall, assuming both are athletes. No racism. Keeping black baseball great Jackie Robunson out of the majors was racism; it was because he was black. Got it! Glad we don’t do that stuff anymore.

We do that now all the time? What do you mean; it’s against the law! The law is what requires us to do it? C’mon, laws prevent racism now, they don’t make it happen! But they do; it’s now called, not racism but rather, ‘affirmative action.” If you’re black for instance, you’ll be hired for government jobs over white candidates with higher test scores. You’ll get into colleges with lower test scores too, while whites (and Asians) are excluded. And in those schools, your work is often graded more leniently than the work of white classmates.

The old white-on-black racism was simply reversed since Brown vs. Board of Education, we replaced the white-on-black with black-on-white racism. You may have noticed that a black attacked by a white is front page news; a white attacked by a black apparently doesn’t happen anywhere except in the real streets. Certainly, it doesn’t happen on the front pages. See, the media are working to keep white racism alive to justify subsidy of their black clientels. The very possibility of black racism strikes them about like a cockroach in somebody’s salad strikes a restaurant owner. Can’t have that! Teen flash mob street violence is a black on non-black game, consistently. (And on other blacks, on occasion.) White flash mob thugs are rare. The blacks understanably objected to white lynch mobs back in the day, now they’re doing the lynching, which seems hypocritical.

We’ve had a middle school white boy doused and burned with gasoline on his front porch, a European tourist beaten on the street, a couple gratuitously beaten by a mob and an elderly man attacked and beaten, all black on white that most never heard of, while the media screamed its head off and falsified stories to lynch George Zimmerman, whose true deserts are entirely unknown to the public at this point. But of course, none of that is racism since everybody knows blacks are always victims and can never be racists.

Seems to me, if it’s ok for blacks to beat up whites, simple justice requires whites be given equal opportunity. See, equality is our goal, right? That says, everybody gets treated the same, doesn’t it? So for every job with a mandated black hiring preference, we need an equivalent job with a white preference. College admissions with black preferences need to be balanced with white preferences to maintain equality…how about a really color-blind selection tool like test scores or high school grade standing?

If racism is bad and needs laws against it; you can’t defend laws that simply reverse racist and victim. No equality, see? Just revenge. Worst of all, that reversed racism hasn’t worked as advertised, blacks remain at the bottom of society. And government setting itself up to provide revenge for a wrong by perpetuating that wrong is not only a failure but the real racist and a hypocrite to boot.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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10 Responses to Racism, Equality and Affirmative Action Don’t Add Up (Without a Dose of Hypocrisy)

  1. Amen, brother. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. The denial is enraging. The arrogance is deplorable. There is no more racism. Blacks marry whites. Whites marry blacks. Asians marry blacks & whites & hipanics and, etc, etc, etc. Look around us. We have truly become a mixed race society. No one really gives a damn about it anymore. If people can marry each other and have each other’s kids, guess what? They LOVE each other. Race is 100% a money & hence, a political issue. Too many big wigs, lawyers, politicians, committee people, journalists, lobbyists, etc, get paid to prosecute, advertise, politicize, journalize, etc about RACISM!

    The business is just too good. So while we go on marrying one another, regardless of race, and while the skin color of our babies ease into a nice copper tone, the race baiters continue to battle on to keep race a front page issue. At some point, someone is going to notice…

    • jackcurtis says:

      The only flaw in your explanation is, it’s flawless. Racism reminds me of those ‘temporary’ taxes government likes to lay on when an excuse appears…like the ‘temporary’ tax on telephone service from around WW I…

  2. ;-D. I just realized that I used my church website ‘identity’ to respond here. Oops! I try not to get political on that site- there might be democrats at church! lol!

    • jackcurtis says:

      The perils of mental multi-tasking, perhaps? Anyway, I’ve heard Democrats who wouldn’t disagree with these views; you might get lucky and draqw one who agrees… Though I wouldn’t bet the family silver on it. But I’d bet that there are as many Democrats feeling left out by their leadership as there are Republicans.

  3. G says:

    Everyone is created equal. As the Republican Martin Luther King once said, I just want people to be “judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin”. To me, lowering standards for someone based on their skin color or ethnicity is racist.

  4. Argus says:

    Social conditioning (manipulation by any other name). You can see it, I can see it … what if we most of us can see it — in a democracy, what chance to we have to change it?

  5. katie says:

    Last gasp of worthless blacks and whites. Quickly being outbred by Mexicans Asian s

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